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Hi, i know this isn't about cats... but im a little worried and cant find info anywhere else. I have a 2 lb 7 wk old yorkshire terrier I just got 2 days ago. She will weigh up to 7 lbs at adult.. so shes not that small. Anyway.. she already had some of her shots.. and we took her to the vet the same day we got her for a checkup. They said she was in great health.. no problems, except a small hernia that was inherited and they said its so small it will probably just disappear. Well today I noticed her nose is running and she has been sneezing and breathing kindof hard. It was warm today so I let her play outside for a while. Is this just a cold? Is there anything I can do to help her.. or should I just let it run its course? Thanks
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i think that if your worried you should go to the vets as she is only little and young animals dont have much in reserve. I do hope that it is not much and that she gets better soon.
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I'm no puppy expert, but I, too, would definately recommend a trip to the Vet. Sure hope your little puppy is feeling better very soon!
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I know an upper respiratory infection can be serious in a kitten, so I'll only assume the same would be true for a puppy. I think a trip to the vet, or at least a phone call, is in order.
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Well she seems to be doing fine today. Playing with my other yorkie, eating and drinking.. even went to the bathroom outside for her first time. I don't hear her sneezing.. and don't see any liquid coming out of her nose. Maybe she just had a little water up her nose after drinking. But thanks for your advice anyway.
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Aww what a sweet girl. I'm glad she's doing better today.
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