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P.U. Skuuuunk!!!

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I think a poor skunk must have got hit by a car or something scared one really close to the house. The very strong smell is coming in and of course all of the windows and doors are closed because it's too cold outside. I guess the smell woke up my nephew because he opened the door to check it out and the smell made his eyes burn! And it's starting to make my tummy feel a bit ill as well.

Thanks for listening! Just needed to whine!
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Oh, what a horrible smell, that's just awful, Diane!
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we dont get skunks here in australia so dont know what they smell like I always thought maybe like rotton eggs. hope that you feel better soon and the smell doesnt stay long.
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The only way I can of to describe it is...think of the worst armpit stink you've ever smelled and times it by 1000!
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Ewwww! How horrible! I haven't smelt a skunk either, but from the waft lines in the cartoons, I can imagine that they wreak!

I hope it goes away soon for you!
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Yuck. Growing up in the country our dogs always bothered the skunks for some reason. It is truly a stomach turning smell. I hope it dissapates soon.

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Aw, poor skunk but poor you, too! I suggest breathing through your mouth until the stench goes away...
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