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Who do your cat(s) remind you of? (person or thing) And why?

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Celebrity, family member, friend, appliance, furniture, food...

So, who do your cats remind you of? You have to give some explination as to why.


Well, L.S. reminds me of that little boy from the Jerry Macguire movie. They're both wide-eyed and rolly-polly, and cute as a button! And they're both just bursting at the seam with excitement.

Merlin's face reminds me of a fox, expecially when he yawns. His back-end reminds me of a kangaroo. And as for personality, he's Samwise Gamgee from The Lord of the Rings - Loyal, protective, and glued to my side!

The new kitty has always reminded me of my cousin Mackensie. (When she was still a baby.) He does the same thing she did when she wanted picked up - Jump up and down pulling on my pantleg, grinning like a fool. "Up! Up!" I love it.

Hans is just a grump... and he's kinda shaped like a toater...
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What sweet analogies for your babies!
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Eponine reminds me of the way a teenager behaves towards their parents....she can be all sass and attitude (tortitude) when she does not get her way (or simply whenever the mood hits her) but at the end of the day she is always sweet and loving and loyal to her mommy.
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I think all cats look like people.
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Cats certainly have a way of looking at you that makes you feel like they may be possessed by humans, that's for sure!
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When we first got gibby we thought he looked like a squirrel LOL I don't think we can describe him the same way. I have always and will forever refer to paige as a turtle cheesecake, And in personality, she is sweet and tangy and she just sticks to your heart. I find that I'm more endeared to Paige every day. Molly is rather like a set of ginsu knives. :P I think.

Oddly, my mom calls Paige a raccoon, I don't know why, but considering she loves raccoons, it is a complement.

Also, I call gibby bunny bottom.
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Jameson is very stoic. He isn't precisely a "on my terms only" cat, but there's just something about him that lets you know when he's in the mood for lovin's and when he just wants to hang out on the foot of the bed. He was very curious when he was younger, but in his old age (he's 2... ish) he's very calm. I'm sure he reads my Aristotle books when I'm not looking. My little Briton.

Bast.... well, Bast is a kitten. She's a kitten that hasn't quite figured out the concepts of mass and space (with relation to herself) yet. When she was three pounds (about two-three months) she'd take on all comers (re: Jameson) regardless of the fact that he was eleven pounds bigger than she was. She's my little spitfire, and reminds me of a tumbler (someone who tumbles, not the glass) with all the jumps, twists, and turns she does when playing.
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Hammie reminds me of a ferret on speed. Very spirally and energetic & that sweet face with those big, round eyes... and bouts of insanity!

Snickers reminds of a King, any King... very royal with that long lovely beard & backwards-curled tail, the way he walks is so regal and stately. He has great posture & is so beautiful even at his old age...

Dusty in a past life was a spoiled rich Diva. Maybe a smaller version of J.Lo, smaller, shorter & prettier. Sorry J.Lo but Dusty's prettier.

K.C. reminds me of a black rat... darting here and there and then bites you when you lie down with her at night... love bites.

Jess is just Jess... an oddity in herself...

And Zorro, he reminds me of an elephant. Big, lumbering, sweet!

None of my cats remind me of any human I know, because, they're better than any human I know. They're too innocent to be human-like.
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wodesorel.. my sil used to have a cat named L.S., what does yours stand for?? Hers was 'Little S#!@' hehe but most people thought it was 'ellis'.

Roxygo kind of has a puck like quality, very mischievous but not too evil or anything. Since I met him I've always thought "puck" hehe, but not the guy from mtv or whatever.
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L.S. stands for the same thing! I kept refering to him as the kitten on here, and then would let slip his name in public. So once I started typing L.S., I started saying it in real life as well. (The name was my mom's fault, it was so perfect for him that it stuck. He was supposed to be called Dax, but that only lasted a day. )

That's one that we should submit to Jeff Foxworthy...
If you've ever named a pet a cuss word, you just might be a redneck.
post #11 of 18 big, gentle, even-tempered 21 lb guy....reminds me so much of Ping, the Penguin. Does anyone remember those children's books?...and Saba, the resident blooming diva is just like Roo in Winnie the Pooh!
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wodesorel.. her other cat is named pia (pain in the @ss). hehe
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My husband calls my two black and white cats 'Holstein' cats because of the obvious reference:-)

Abbie - especially when she was a kitten - looked like a wizened little old lady and deserved an old fashioned name ' "Abigail" . Every now and then she still gets that 'old woman' look in her face:-)

Freija's face reminds me of a pansy - it has that same sort of splash of colour in the centre contrasting with the outside colour - in her case white on the inside with black on the outside with the whiskers going off in all directions away from the centre:-).

Bear reminds me of a lion - for obvious reasons - he has this absolutely incredible mane that would make any lion proud.

Lion has always reminded me of a little boy who is fascinated with bugs and nature - you know the ones who are about 4 years old and like to crouch over top of leaves and poke them with sticks and things?

Tristan has always reminded me of a dog - a nice big Labrador who is so friendly that the kids can ride on his back and who is always so happy to see everyone:-).

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My RB cat Loonie used to remind me of my teacher Mrs. Andrewaffer because Loonies HUGE saucer eyes looked like Mrs. Andrewaffers glasses!
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Originally Posted by ugaimes
Eponine reminds me of the way a teenager behaves towards their parents....she can be all sass and attitude (tortitude) when she does not get her way (or simply whenever the mood hits her) but at the end of the day she is always sweet and loving and loyal to her mommy.

That discription fit my Princess perfectly.
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all three of my boys have very different personalities. they all remind me of people.

above is me-sto he is my biggest kid. he's always takling away like he knows everything.

t.t. cat reminds me of my boyfriend they are just alike. the way their personalities are and how they carry them selves.

and last but not least tobby my little baby boy. he likes to play hide and seek with me around the house.
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OK I got it, Roxy Go is that Viva la Bam guy. Bam Margara or whatever.
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Baylee looks to me like a little baby sometimes and reminds me of a toddler... all go go go, a big bundle of energy that gets into everything... but can still come up to you and be real sweet.

Max... Max kind of reminds me of my fiance. Kinda clingy, always looking for some more loving, wanting to be RIGHT next to you.

On that note, Baylee reminds myself of me in that I like my space, don't ALWAYS need company, but I can enjoy some lovin on my own terms.
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