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Deformed kitten........

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I just got this kitten that someone was giving away in front of a gas station. The weird thing about him is that his rib cage is flat, kind of like someone stepped on him when he was really little. He's perfectly fine mentally, but he walks and sits funny. I'm just wondering if anyone thinks this could cause health problems in the future.... Or just some comments or questions.....
Thank you!
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Have you taken the kitten to the vet? I think that it would take a vet giving the kitten a good check-up to see whether it is going to be okay.

Bravo to you for bringing home this poor kitty!
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Good on you for saving this little guy!! yey!!! I have heard of "flat chested" kittens before and generally they seem to be ok (or I've read) but I don't know if this is the same thing as your baby...... I tend to agree with Lotsocats,- I would have him checked out by the vet, after all, most things can be treated if caught when the cats are young!! All the best and keep us informed!!
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There is something called the Flat Chest Kitten Syndrome. If you go to the below site it will talk about it in detail.

...and YES you will need to go to a vet if you want to help kitty - the quicker the better.

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Thank you for the advice. I don't know if that is what is wrong with my kitten. He is about 7 weeks old and he doesn't seem to be having trouble breathing(which was one of the simptoms) And I would take it to the vet but the vets in my area are the most expensive I have ever met up with and I can't afford it. But I will try what I can!
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