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Enjoying the sunshine

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Since today was such a beautiful day, the kitties were all enjoying the rays of sunshine coming in through the front window. They sure do like to sunbathe don't they?

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It sure was a beautiful day in North Carolina! My babies love sunbathing but today they were more interested in watching the bird that kept landing on our porch!! What beautiful babies you have!! They sure look like happy kitties basking in the sunlight..
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oh yeah! How decandent can ya get??!
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Oooh how nice. Baylee and Max are jealous - it's been a dreary last couple of days and the sun has stayed hidden!
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those pictures just make me want to relax! Great shots robin.
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Aww brilliant pics Robin I'm fortunate to get the sun streaming through into my back kitchen and Rosie and Sophie love to lie in it there
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Don't they look so relaxed!! Great pictures!!!
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Was a beautiful day here yesterday, too. About 17C/62F
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Pretty, pretty pictures! Ah, to be a cat just for a few hours. . .
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What's next? Miss Hawaiin Tropic Kitty Tan Contest?
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they love the sunshine nice pictures
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I wish I was a cat so I could sun bathe all day lol
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Great pics as always Robin!!!
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They look relaxed, nice pics.
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