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New product review

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No household chore hurts my back, more than mopping. Lugging around a bucket of water and pushing the mop back and forth causes me no end of pain. In the interests of saving my back, I bought a Bissell Flip It hard floor cleaner. One side dry vaccuums, the other side mops and squeegees the floor.

This past week, I tried it out on my kitchen and bathroom floors and am pleased with the ease and speed with which it cleans. The machine is not perfect - the dry vacuum side will not pick up cat litter and the wet side doesn't do well, along the baseboards but, I can stand to do a bit of conventional sweeping and my long-handled scrub brush gets along the baseboards.

All in all, this is a vast improvement, over the old mop-and-bucket routine and I wasn't crippled, for the rest of the day. I can definitely say that my floors will get cleaned a lot more often.
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Thanks for the positive review Cindy!
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Thank you for the review, Cindy. I'm needing a new mop and believe I will check into that!
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That's great that you've found a poduct that helps! It will make your life a lot easier!

Thanks for the positive review!
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