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World Series

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Way to go Arizona!

I'm not a huge sports fan and usually I can't stand watching it on tv, but THAT was a great game! Down to the wire and everything! Whooo-eeee! That was amazing.

Hubby called his dad in Tucson about 5 times and he called here just as many times. Unbelieveable!

Fastest expansion team to win the trophy! TWO MVP's! And baseball is still a game played by gentlemen, based on the players' responses. They all recognized New York's efforts and nobody gloated.

And Rudy Giuliani congratulating them, what a classy man. I see why they love him so much up there.

Of course, it almost didn't matter who won. The Diamondbacks sure deserved it, but I don't think anybody would have begrudged New York if they got it. And they almost did.

Boy. That was what playoffs are all about.
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This year's Series was a classic, that's for sure. All those 9th inning comebacks were amazing! I'm not huge baseball fan (football is another story) but I had a great time watching the whole series this year. ...And I'm so glad the Yankees lost lol
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Great game! Actually, the whole series was great!

My Dad and step-Mom moved from here to Arizona (Sierra Vista) about 6 months ago, they love it there.
Daddy-O had to call me right after the game too...but he wasn't a gentleman..he was gloating! :laughing2:
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Indeed, this World Series was the best one in ages! I'm happy for the Diamondbacks and sad for the Yankees. I was born in New York city; and, although I never made it to a Major League baseball game (too young) whilst in New York, I was the proud recipient of a souvenir Yankees cap from my father. I recall listening to Mel Allen describing Yankees' games on the radio; replete with Joe DiMaggio at bat.

But all that was many years ago; and what I best recall about the World Series is the 1960s' period, with the likes of Yogi Berra and Sandy Koufax and Bob Gibson. Like many (hopefully most) people, I root for the underdogs — in this case the Diamondbacks.

I only wish these modern-day broadcasts would stick with showing us the playing field and knock off the innundation of "human interest" close-ups of billionaire owners and players' wives on the sidelines. Who gives a rat's ass? And "Bank One Stadium"? Hand me the motion-sickness bag, please.

Anyway, this was a real World Series — with great comebacks and many thrilling moments! The Yankees have more than their share of World Series titles, so three cheers for the Diamondbacks!

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Amazing series with 2 amazing teams. I am happy Arizona won (I love it there). I dislike Roger Clemens big time (sour apples - he left the Toronto Blue Jays) I was up to midnight and then the cats wouldn't let me sleep (I was away all weekend - but the hubby was home with them). When the alarm went off at 5:30 this morning I was not a happy camper. My husband calls Merlin a "monument to sleep deprivation"!
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Exactly what's been said "ditto!"

:laughing2....Go Diamondbacks...even though I usually root for the Yanks, it was someone else's turn and who but the Diamondbacks were so deserving! God Bless 'em...I loved it when she was interviewing (can't remember his name) but he was holding his two year old son and his son was like "Daddy, daddy Dad, Daaaaaaaaady and the commentator and the baseball player's face was priceless,because they stopped talking and just looked at this kid!...it was hilarious that the little boy was so focused on getting his dads attention and succeeded making that the best interview I've seen in years! :laughing2 :laughing2

Love & Peace,
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