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My Pregnancy

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About the time I found out that I was pregnant...my cat became terrified of my husband. Until that time she was fine with him. Now when he walks into the room she runs and hides under the bed. Precious is a 10 year old Persian. She has never acted like this before. I am worried that this "phase" is not going to end - as it has been 3 months now. Does anyone have any ideas?

I have tried helping them bond - as I have my husband give her special treats every day. However, it does not help.
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That is so strange! I have no idea, hopefully someone here will!
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Okay, the first thing that should always be said is, "Did she see a vet?" I know it seems redundant, but usually the only way a cat will let us know that something is wrong is by a change in it's behaviour. Even just a call in to your vet might reveal something you haven't thought of.

Personally, If the cat is healthy, then I have a feeling that the cat know something is "off" in the household. She probably wouldn't know that you were pregnant or what kind of major changes that means, but she would know that you changed somehow and that the whole "vibe" of the household have changed since you're expecting a new member. She's probably very stressed because of it, and is acting strange. Hopefully once you have the baby and the new routine is started she'll get back to normal.

By the way, Congradulations!
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to add to wodesorel's comment:
1- congratulations
2- when you do have your baby, slowly introduce the kitty to the new family member (as you would bringing a new pet into the household)
3- give kitty a "safe room" to help keep kitty stress levels low...sometimes change can be overwhelming to a cat, and they just need a place to escape (and let them escape when they need to)
4- I wish I could help with the hubby prob and kitty, but I am having my own hubby and kitty prob that I came here for help on, so I wouldn't give that advice to you when I can't solve my own problem

Again, congrats, and good luck with kitty.
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One thing that comes to mind . . .
Does your kitty sleep with you - or did until she became frightened of your husband? My husband will toss and turn a lot while sleeping sometimes and I know that he has knocked Abbie or Freija out of the bed while doing so since they like to cuddle in closest to him. I have had concerns about him rolling over on them but they seem to be aware enough to move when he starts to move. Is it possible that while sleeping your husband inadvertently rolled on her or kicked her or in some way startled her so that she became frightened? You two would have no memory of it, but she would.

If that sounds possible, you will have to start a re-introduction of your cat and your husband together. She may have had a frightening experience -possibly more than one - so needs to be 're-conditioned' to expect safe and good behaviour rather than the unexpected frightening behaviour.

I don't know that is what happened, but that sounds like one possibility to me.

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