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Grrrr.... Stupid Nextel!!

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I'm so frustrated... My cell phone hasnt been working all day... Whenever I try to dial out it automatically goes into redial so, I cant make a call... and no one has been able to get through either... they get sent straight to voicemail... I've gotten a bunch of messages from everyone and I keep having to sign offline to check my voicemail and then call everyone back... I spoke to Adrian earlier and he told me to call him back and when I did my father came home and started screaming about something so I told Adrian I would call him back and he said he had to leave so he would call me... but I wont even get the call because my phone is being stupid!! Ugh! I wanna get out of this house! I'm so bored sitting here and I wish Adrian would just call and tell me to meet him somewhere... Hmph! Sorry, just had to vent for a minute... Stupid Nextel!!!
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Try taking the battery off and immediately putting it back on. Sometimes my phone does something like that, and my friend, the Verizon guy, said that the little computer gets hung up. Taking off the battery somehow resets it.
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Sounds as though its the phone - not the service provider. Last year, I got a phone that dropped EVERY call. I traded it in for another one and haven't had any trouble since.
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I tried that... I've tried turning the phone off... I've tried taking out the battery and the sim card... nothing works... I actually was about to make a call right after I posted this... it held the call for about 3 minutes then dropped out... then the person called back and it actually went through... but dropped immediately... now I cant call out anymore... ugh! My phone is almost 2 months old so there shouldnt be anything wrong with it... but I'm gonna wait till tomorrow and see if it gets better... if not Im gonna call nextel and start screaming!
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Go online and find the complaint number for the company. When I got my phone I told them I had trouble getting my reception at my house. The guy explained that sometimes the tower can either stop working or be having problems. When he first started working for the company he couldn't figure out why his calls kept getting dropped at his house. He called the company to complain, and they found out that the tower had been having problems that entire time, and no one had caught it!

Hey, it couldn't hurt to call, right? (He even told me that if I kept calling to complain it would go a long way to getting a new tower in my area. I haven't complained, but I thought it was kind of cool for him to actually tell me to bug the company to death!)
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In that case, I would just go and trade the phone in.
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i would also
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That's wierd. My boss is having the same problem with his Nextel, but the rest of us aren't.
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