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kitty with a cold

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i have a 5 month old himmie girl kitten...and she has a cold...i have already had her to the vet and spent 100 bucks on amoxicillian medication that i gave her for 2 weeks...she didn't seem to get a whole lot better from it and the cold seemed to come and go...now a couple of days after she was done of it she was perfect and then she got bad again, sneezing with yellowish mucous..etc...

so she's at that stage now and i'm worried because i have to take her on a road trip to my parents home where she hasn't been before (4 hour drive) and this is this week we are doing this...and i don't want her to get worse in a new environment...

i also don't know if chalking her full of medication is the answer...

any suggestion on home remedies for her??
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No home remedies please. Instead call your vet and tell him that you need a stronger antibiotic to kick this.
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I would also try to avoid the road trip if possible as stress supresses the immune system making it harder for her to fight the virus. You should also ask your vet about a lysine supplement. It hinders the replication of the virus. Vet Solutions now has a gel and a powder that only costs about $14!
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she is eating and still plays...so she isn't really bad...but i will take her back to the vet but i cannot avoid the road trip...it will be 4 hours and i have to take her, i don't have a choice..it's either that or board her and i feel that may be worse...
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Yes boarding her would be worse- and most kennels wouldn't take her- URI's spread like wildfire in kennels!
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Call the vet and ask for a stronger antibiotic, you might not even have to take her in again since he has already seen her with this problem. Amoxi works for a lot of things but it certainly isn't the strongest of meds.
How long are you planning to be gone? If its only a couple of days you might be able to get a friend or a neighbor to check in on her. Cats do very well on their own, you could just leave extra food and water bowls out for her and extra litter boxes, some people don't have anyone check in on them if they are only gone for the weekend. Since she is sick though, you would need someone. Is she really hard to pill? If not a friend or neighbor could probably do it. If she is, a friend or neighbor with experience might be able to, or you could ask the vet, often times the tech or kennel assistants will check in on animals. I don't recommend taking sick animals on road trips. I travel a lot to cat shows and the only time I have taken a sick cat with me was twice; once with two 10 day old kittens that had Calici (a very bad cold) that needed to be tube fed every 3-4 hours. I could have left them at work but I was the one put in charge of taking care of them and I didn't want to put that job on anyone else. Plus, my vet was actually going to the same place I was for a vet convention, so I took EVERYTHING imaginable (the kittens had their own suitcase, and it wasn't a small one) in case of an emergency. The second cat is on 4 daily medications for life, she doesn't board well (won't eat) and we were going to be gone for a week. So she had to go with us. Other than that I leave them at home and have a friend take care of them, or board them (only if they are really sick).
Just to warn you, because she is a Himi she might always be a sneezy/watery eye cat, yellow mucus does mean she is sick though.
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