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Look what I stumbed upon.....makes you SICK!!

>We are a group from Bergen County who prosecuted a severe case of animal
>abuse last year,,,her story is available on Pet-Abuse.Com - US Animal
>Abuse Cases - Belleville, NJ:
>37 cats severely neglected, beaten.

>Her name is Joyce Nankervis, and she is at it again. She has recently
>aquired 4 cats, and will be back in court. HOWEVER the damage she can
>due in the meantime is immeasurable.
>Please read about her story, there are pictures of her case on our
>website,and email me for anything you may need.
>Please post, and cross post this so her name is circulated out there,
>and no kitties can be adopted or aquired by her.
>She is slick and has actually adopted from groups at Petco and such.
>She is in her mid to late 50's and very disheveled looking. She is a
>monster. Please help to stop her while justice takes it very slow
>steps,and maybe the publicity will get the officials moving a little
>We had a tip she was frequenting the Linden area, however is known to
>roam up and down the state.
>Thank you,
>Just Cats
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That is horrible!!!
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I'm speechless...HOW...ON....EARTH....
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And People Wonder Why I Choose Animals over People
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I would be at her house weekly checking out-the court system should throw the book at her!!
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Abuse charges for every cat she had shoul have added up to a LIFE SENTENCE (IMO). What a horrible excuse for a human! I also don't understand why her friend did not report this earlier. "According to the womans friend, this had been going on for 20 yrs. She would beat the cats to death and then have them cremated." She KNEW??? Those poor kitties!
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I'm printing the article and taping it in the cat section of the local shelter. Anyone else in NJ prepared to do the same thing?
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Heck I'll post it at my shelter and its in Ohio
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I dropped the article off at the local shelter. They hadn't heard anything about her! They also didn't understand why the woman was still walking around! As I was leaving, the Animal Control Officer was coming in. I gave her a copy also.

She won't get a cat in my PetSmart!
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This woman should be taken out to a field, and shot in the back of the head. She's breathing air, we and our cats could be breathing.
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In my mind there is only one way to handle a person like that and I won't go into here but...I'm sure many know what I'm thinking
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It seems like some tougher laws or tougher enforcment are called for. Since the District Attorney is an elected official, it's probably time for some good old-fashioned public outcry! And it wouldn't hurt to ask your legislators' opinions either. And if that monster does go to jail, maybe the "new neighbors" will hear about her case.........What an ugly,ugly story, but think of the poor cats that endured it!! The rescuers must have suffered emotional trauma & 1/2!! It is so heartbreaking...and yes, the friend should be accountable too.
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