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Football Anyone?

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Any fans here? I have to tell you that we were always Buffalo Bill fans amidst all the Jets and Giants people here! BUT!!!!! Hate that Rob Johnson. For the first time in years, we are routing for another team. The Chargers are now the team of choice here. Doug Flutie all the way! Gotta love those Flutie flakes
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I always thought Johnson was kind of a loser, but that changed after his game against the Chargers. He is a good qb surrounded by bad talent.
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I was a huge National Football League fan during the 1960s and most of the 1970s. I never cared that much for college football, especially after attending university and seeing all the favors lavished upon the football team. ("Student athletes"? Puhleeze! The "athlete" part maybe; but real students stand in registration lines, write their own papers, often work part-time jobs and usually walk to destinations.)

But, yeah, back before the "dancing, felony records gold chains" sports era we're in now I looked forward to Sunday (and often Monday) for professional football. I rooted for the Philadelphia Eagles, then the Chicago Bears, then the Cleveland Browns, then the New York Jets, then the Miami Dolphins. (I was never a big Green Bay Packers fan.) In high school, down Miami way where football is a religion, I wasn't on the school's team; but I played sand-lot football at least once a week — and I loved the sport!

Anymore, I've no favorite team: They're all composed of players who act like every run, reception or tackle is the greatest ever done. Goose-stepping made the Nazis look silly; and it has the same effect today. For me, watching professional football has become akin to watching a clown act at the circus — except we're supposed to take these guys seriously!

Sorry for being such a wet blanket, but unless a modicum of adult behavior is brought back to the playing field I'll not be tuning in anytime soon.

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I really enjoy football. Big Flutie fan, but that's because he started in Toronto on the Toronto Argos. I watch some American football, but Canadian football is more exciting (different downs system - less kicking). CFL (Canadian fotball league) is the best. Baltimore used to have a team in our league. Our Championship is coming soon!
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I like the University of Utah's Ute team and the Notre Dame team. And for the NFL, I like Denver Broncos, Washington Redskins, and Dallas Cowyboys.
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I am a die hard Redskin fan. This is our second year of being Season Ticket Holders after being on the waiting list for 15 YEARS!!!!! We always have a blast when we go even tho they are usually a losing team - at least in recent years - until now! We've won three in a row after losing the first five!
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I'm a Bucs fan, because I promised myself I would be if they ever dumped Trent Dilfer. They are an easy team to call plays on from the old armchair. A team full of talent, but can't seem to get it together.

I also like the Steelers and NY Jets, to name a few. The team I can't stand is Dallas.

College football is getting better now that my school actually has a team. I just love going to games, and since the Bucs are a hot commodity locally these days, you can't ever get tickets. The college games are free for me. Another bonus.
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I have tried to get into football, but i just can't
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I am more of a basketball fan. I like the Utah Jazz and LA Lakers. Also San Antonio Spurs.
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My husband has been a Bills fan since he was 10. He's still upset about the Flutie/Johnson decision. He's a Chargers fan too, now. I'm starting to like football more now that I know some of the rules.
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That's what I like to watch! I love watching football (soccer) on the Spanish-language channel ("futbol") with Andres Cantor announcing. "Gooooooooooooooooooal!" I don't understand what's being said, but one doesn't need a running commentary to witness a sporting event. Yet, Cantor's enthusiasm transcends all language barriers; and, besides, I love football (soccer)!

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Alenell - tell hubby that we will see him at the Superbowl and save him a seat!
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Yes, Mr. Cat, you are sooo cool for watching soccer. I like soccer too? I only watch either the World Cup, American Cup, or Mexican games. Do you get to watch Mexican soccer games? If you do, watch for my favorite team. Its called Chivas of Guadalajara. They are the men that were white and red shirts with blue shorts. The mascot is a goat. Also, I think that on the back of the uniforms, they have the beer, El Sol logo on it.
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Chivas of Guadalajara it is! I'll keep an eye out for them. Some of the matches on the Spanish-language station (I can't recall the name of the network) involve teams from Mexico; some are international matches; and some are U.S.A. professional matches. It's mostly Spanish-speaking nations which are represented in the broadcasts. I love watching football (soccer)! I'll be on the lookout for that goat you mentioned.

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I love soccer (football). In Canada we often get the British & European coverage. I also like rugby. My favourite sport is Lacrosse (go Toronto Rock!)
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Mr. Cat-
The only stations I know of is Telemundo, Univision, and Galavision. Galavision you get it on cable. Univision is the one that shows more soap operas. Unlike the american soaps, these shows lasts from a month to a few months. They all have similar plots. A man who is rich falls for a woman who is poor. The family of the man hates the girl because she is poor. It has villians, murder plots, and happy endings. Most of the shows come from Mexico, Venezuela, or Peru. There is also news at 5. And in the morning is the spanish version of Good Morning America. There is a talk show host names Cristina.
Telemundo shows some soaps, but mostly it has mostly Mexican movies. Try to see which one you get. My guess is Univision because its more popular than the other ones. There is a show that goes from 6pm to 10pm on saturdays that is hosted by don Francisco. Let me know.
Do you like basketball?
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Thanks for the names of those networks. I'm quite sure the one I receive is Telemundo. Sometimes, even though I'm not fluent in Spanish, I watch the soap operas. They're much less restrained and more to the point than the U.S.A.-produced soaps, which is easy to tell in spite of the language barrier. The Spanish-language soaps aren't hindered by U.S.A. concepts of political correctness! And, no, I don't like basketball — due to the same reasons I mentioned earlier in this thread regarding American football. (Sorry!)

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