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Need advice badly on how to administer pills!!!

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I have been trying to give my cat medication for two days now but I can't get him to take it! I've tried so many different things that I don't know if anyone can help me or if I'm going to have to take him to the vet everyday so they can do it. Unfortunately hes a very vicious young (9 months) persian and though he comes up to me to be petted he won't allow anyone to pick him up or hold him. Here's what I've tried so far:

-Slipped whole (its a very small pill) into canned food when served at breakfast
-Crushed then mixed with can food
-Crushed and mixed with tuna
-Slipped whole into tuna
-Cat burrito with my boyfriends help but no luck. We tried to wrap him up as tight as we could while I held him by the scruff and pulled back so he would open his mouth and we could pop the pill down his throat as instructed by the vet. But we couldn't even get his mouth open because he fought back so hard. Quite a few scars from that experience and not looking to try again.

I'm getting very fed up because he's getting worse every day. If anyone has any tips or tricks PLEASE let me know!!
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i dont pin much hope on this working but try coating it in butter and feeding it to him as a treat or again using the cat burrito.

do you think maybe buying a pill gun from your vet would help?

or else take kitty back to the vet and ask for a demonstration and see if they manage!
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We actually attempted using the pill gun when we burritoed him last but had no success. Its the darndest thing because when I put the pill in with food or anything he knows its there! If I just put the whole pill in he eats every single bite except the one that includes the pill. And it would a normal sized bite so its not like its too much for him! When I crush it up and mix it in with the food he takes one look and walks away with his tail straight and tall and his nose in the air. He has quite an attitude problem. Grrrr... I'm just so frustrated :-p
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if all your offering him is the food with the pill in it he will have to eat it at some point. he wont let himself starve!

just keep him indoors (so he cant sneak food) and maybe make him miss dinner then try with the crushed pill in food in the morning.
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My Thai was like this too I had to crush add a drop of water let it disolve then get the syringe and shoot it in his mouth good luck!
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I usually wrap the tablet up in thinly sliced ham. my cat always seems to fall for it!
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I use a pill gun. Kneel on the floor with your ankles crossed under your rear. Place the cat between your thighs with his rump towards your torso and his head by your knees. If he wiggles backwards, your crossed feet will stop him from escape and if he wiggles side to side, your knees will stop him.

Have the pill ready in the pill gun before you start. Place your left hand (or right if you are left handed) over the top of his head with your fingers on one side and thumb on the other side of his mouth. Lift his mouth open, come up from the side with the pill gun, insert the pill gun so that the pill is near the back of his mouth and plunge the pill in. Drop the pill gun and hold his lower jaw with your right hand, lifting his head up and stroking his throat until he swallows. Pet him a lot with your left hand. Also have a treat that he likes handy and immediately give it to him.

I have very difficult cats and this always has worked for me. They hate the experience but always love the treat at the end.

Good luck!!
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I just grab my cat, open his mouth, and trow a pill in there. Today, I thought it went in, but the little sneak spit it out. I had to re-pill him.
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What kind of pill is it? It sounds like something very bitter. You might see if you can get capsules (most compounding pharmacies have them, as well as some health food stores) that you could put it in so he can't taste it. Then, catch while he's sleeping so he won't know what hit him. Slip the pill as far back into his mouth as you can, and close his mouth quickly. I have a squirmy cat who will try to open her mouth and chew the capsule, so I have to hold her mouth closed until I'm sure she has swallowed the pill. When you're done, give him a treat and pet him or play with him to reward him for being a good boy.
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Here's a trick-

When the kitty is sitting on the floor and relaxed, sit down next to him. Have a spray can of cheese with you, and his pill. Put a little spray cheese on your finger, take your finger and raise it over him so he has to raise his head up to eat the cheese. Let him eat the small amount of cheese.

Then do the same thing again with a little more spray cheese and the pill tucked inside of it. Make sure he has to raise his head up high to get to the tasty cheese. He should take all the cheese and the pill without a problem-
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Thank you everyone for the suggestions! I will be trying them as of tomorrow, though I am also going to make another appt. with the vet just in case. Hissy: this seems like a very good idea but i never would have imagined! this'll be the first one I'll try! especially since it won't involve any possible scratching... he is not a nice young cat like my other two which is really a shame
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Well it works with my ferals- they go ape over this cheese! I hope this works for you-
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Well it turns out Hector does like cheese (which is awesome because we finally have something to give him for a treat! he always turns his nose up at actual cat treats for some reason) but unfortunately he wouldn't take the pill even with it. However, my boyfriend and I finally got brave and used a method that involved me grabbing him by the scruff, making a burrito out of him while still on the floor, grabbing his front paws in the blanket, holding him steady between my knees, and pulling back his head to administer the pill into the back of his throat. And it worked!!!! We went through this for 7 days until the pills were gone and although its gonna take him a while to forgive us for such horrible treatment, he's doing much better and we're back to working on a normal day to day relationship! Thank you all so much again for your advice and responses!
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