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Freaky thing happend last week

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My baby got hit by a car. (for those of you who r gonna go on about not letting ur cats outside plz don't post I don't want to hear it.)

Anyways =) hes doing good altho he got his leg removed hes back to being himself already and he just got home this morning lol

here a link to his new page on my site (still workin on it)


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awww poor Gizmo. he's such a hnadsom boy. how you coping with it? it must have been such a shock.

i hope he recovers quickly, tripods are just as cute as 4 legged cats and i bet your just glad you have him home again.

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Bless his little heart

They can manage fine with just 3
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How scary that must have been! I'm glad to hear your baby is doing well!
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So ... out of curiousity, are you still going to be letting your cats go outside now?
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my 2 older cats r still outside cats... my other kitten also goes out but hes scared of his own shadow lol ... anyways they have been going out since birth and they would go nuts if i locked em up now.
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What a scare! So glad he's is ok, and getting better. What a trooper he has been.
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Poor kitty!!! glad he's ok and adjusting!!!!
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My grandma had a 3 legged cat - who lived to be quite ancient... (estimates were around 20 years).

Don't know if it was a mean thing to do or not, but he got re-named "Stumpy"

(he was a farm cat who got his leg frozen to a water bucket during winter )
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