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the sweetest cat in the world

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I had the greatest cat in the world. she helped me cope with a horrible divorce and child custody battle. she guided me and my children into a new life and home. Maggie came into my life on my birthday 1996 at about the age of two. She was well, frisky, playful, licked your wounds until about Feb 1 of this year. She had loose bm's and was sluggish. By feb. 28 the vet had given her a diagnosis of a cancerous intestinal tumor. I would not accept that and went to a second vet on March 4, who told me it was a tumor, that she was anemic and what i could do to keep her comfortable. By sat. march 5 she was barely able to move. she followed me all over the house but with great difficulty. I had to bring her to her food. She laid out in the sun and could barely move herself from side to side. She was only able to give me a few feeble licks. She was trying so hard to do all the things she used to do with me but just could not find the strength. I knew she was no longer "enjoying the sun" and i took her to the vet. I did it by myself and she passed quickly and painlessly. I agonized over this scenerio for a week. Cat lovers, your cat will let you know when it is time. Trust your instincts and do what is right for them. I miss maggie terribly but i was able to courageously see her to the end of her magical life and somehow that makes me feel a little better about the whole situation. This site helped me out immensely. Thank you for being here. Maggie's mom
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Dear Maggie's mom, I know just what you are feeling, I too had a special cat Butch who was with me during the same life experiences as you describe. You did the right thing by giving your precious Maggie relief from her suffering. I am crying now because I know how much you must be missing her and hurting. All I can offer to comfort you is to tell you that only her body is dead. Her lovely spirit lives on and waits at the bridge to be reunited with you some day. Maybe she and my butch are playing happily together now as they wait for us. I will pray that you find peace knowing that you did the right thing for her and in time a new cat will come into your life. Hugs.
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My heart goes out to you! RIP dear Maggie! Big hugs from Mischka & Linx
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Oh so sad I know it's very hard, but you made sure you didn't let her suffer and I am sure she was ready to go, it shows courage to make that choice for that baby you loved do dearly, Bless you and maggie and may she RIP and be healthy and Happy till she sees you again, You are in my thoughts. Hugs from our house to yours
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I'm sorry to hear about Maggie, my thoughts and prayers are with you.
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So sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved Maggie... My prayers for you and my thoughts too... RIP sweet Maggie...
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My condolences on the loss of your Maggie. You did indeed do the tremendously loving, unselfish act of taking Maggie out of her misery. A dignified, peaceful passing was a right that she had earned, and I salute you for your devotion and courage to give it to her and to be with her throughout it all. You must be missing her so terribly right now! But now she's over the Bridge, frisky & playful again, and probably delighting all the little children who are also over the Bridge with her same antics that so delighted your children. Condolences to you & your family on the loss of this special family member who was also such a wonderful friend. Take the time to grieve, and if you write a tribute, we'll be very glad to read it. You are not alone during this difficult time, many of us have gone through this too. True courage is the courage to love again...Susan
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I am so sorry you lost your wonderful friend. RIP Maggie.
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I am sorry you lost your magical maggie after such a loving and giving partnership with her. She is happy and well now and thanking you for listening to her when it was her time to go. She is enjoying that really nice spot in the sun.
take care
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Dear Maggie's mom, I am sending prayers and hugs. I know how sad you have gotta be, but your angel is not suffering. I pray you will someday get a new kitty to love. Your Maggie will smile down on you.
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