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DT for Sunday the 4th.

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It is November 4th and I can't belive that living in the North East I can have my windows open this morning! Well...the rest of the family would complain - but hot-flashes you know!

The babes have all had breakfast and Goldie rounded up her remaining brood for the morning buffet. chomp chomp- Boy - do they love chicken livers!

I think I should clean up the deck today and put away furniture, etc. Time to trim back the plants that my friend Sandi thinks I won't kill! HA!!! She said they come back every year - annuals? Don't know - I left my green thumb somewhere. Maybe I should look for it somewhere!

Don't know why the weekends go by so fast either. Do you think someone speeds up that old clock from Friday night to Sunday? I may have to investigate that one......
Have a good day everyone!
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Well, our house is full; now that Dorothy and Baby Aidan have moved back home! I don't plan to do much of anything except normal Sunday dinner stuff. . . . . Debra, you make me feel guilty! (NOT !) We are having gorgeous fall weather here in MO. also. It will be close to 65 today! Gotta Love It ! Before we know it we will be knee deep in Old Man Winter. Oh, well; it does make the "Hot Flashes" more bearable. . . .
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Well, today started very wet...looks like we're getting some of the rains from Hurricane Michelle. Those poor peeps in Cuba are going to be pelted! Category 4...NOT GOOD!

Besides that, Murphy has a cold I'm so sad for him...his eyes are running, but it's a clear liquid, so that's a little encouraging until I can get him to the vets tomorrow. I hope they take him...they should...I have to get him nuetered too.

Can't go to the gym and train I have a pinched nerve in my neck... so, I have to think of more positive things right now and I do know what that is...I better get on it.

I hope you guys have a great Sunday

Love & Peace,

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Cat..sounds like a down day over all. So sorry about little Murphy and you too! Take care and I prescribe a long nap and chicken soup for both of you!
Dr. Deb.
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Finally! I'm back at the computer. We've been having problems with our regular phone line so hubby's pals came over here yesterday and fixed it. Only after they left we found out that they manages to disconnect the other line, the one we use for the internet...

It's not past 10 PM and they've just left after coming over again and fixing the internet line... Being offline for 2 days sure did feel strange I have tons of emails to sort through and a lot of catching up to do here, not to mention update the site itself (headlines etc.) I think I'll do everything tomorow morning. I've spend the day cleaning and re-arranging stuff around the house, so I'm beat!

Good night everyone!
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Time zones are so funny, it's still the middle of the afternoon here.

Hubby is napping, daughter is watching Scooby-Doo, I am online but getting off soon. I think I spend too much time online these days, I'm thinking of cutting back.

It's still shorts weather around here and I hate it! It's almost my birthday (Nov. 6, hint hint) and I think we should be well into jeans and sweaters by now! That's what happens when you move north - to - south I guess. I'm used to the heat ending, around here there are only about 6 weeks of temperatures that feel like Sept. to me and then it gets warm again. I miss winter! Never thought I'd say that!

Pretty quiet day for us, but that's a good thing I guess. I just wish we did more with our weekends. When Husband gets up, it's time to go grocery shopping. I'm not up for doing it alone with the kid today, I need a break.
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Today we celebrated my daughter's bday. She turns 2 tomorrow!! Gosh, I can still remember the day I had her, I can still smell that "new" baby smell that she had, I can still remember it all. And now she is 2!!!!!!!!!

Sunshine got out today. ARRGGHH. She was gone for only about 15 min. but I was panicking. She never goes out, but she snuck between my legs and took off behind the garage. I could see her, but couldn't get to her because of the shrubbery. Very frustrating. She finally ventured to my neighbors yard, then came back around home. I kept thinking she was going to dart away, but everytime I made a move to get her she would take off. So from now on, I need to be much more careful. I live on a busy street which could be deadly.
Its cooling off dramatically now, and I think I'll close everything up for the night. Put on the heat perhaps??? It sure is cool out.
Hope everyone's sunday was great.
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Awwwwww, thanks Val for the birthday wishes for my little angel. She had such a wonderful day. She got her ears pierced for her birthday and got a new tricycle and some clothes. She was such a cutie pie.

Thank you for "acknowledging" her big day!!
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