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Remind me to NEVER put my b.c patch on my stomach again!! I had to change it today, and I swear, it felt like I was pulling skin, intestines and spine out at the same time! Who's bright idea was it to put ultra-sensitive little hairs there?!? Major Owie!! I used baby oil to take the remaining stick-'em off my skin, and to help soothe the skin a bit too. My new one is safely installed on my upper arm (shoulder level), where I know that it won't wrinkle, bunch, start peeling off or hurt like hell coming off!
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Whats a bc patch?
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I believe she's talking about a birth control patch Susan.
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Oh right! , theres not many use that here it's mainly the pill or the injection every 3 month
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i guess you've never tried waxing then! now thats REAL pain.
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Pfffttt isn't it just!, especially the bikini area!
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i miss my brother. now he's at university i've had to grow my eyebrows. he was the only one who could pull of the wax strips.
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Yes, I've tried waxing... just not "down there"... I have my eyebrows waxed when they start getting too much for plucking... and yes, the patch is a fairly new product. I was actually pretty peeved when one doctor I saw gave me a prescription for the pills, which I went out and bought, only to be told by doctor #2 that the patch was safer... so what am I supposed to do with these pills now?!? Sell them on eBay?? I didn't even start the pills... it's a brand new pack!!
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what do you mean the patch was safer?

Actually i still dont get it how patches can do anything! lol
i dont think you can sell pills on ebay :S
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Do you have to pay for your contraception?. We get them free here.
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