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Good vibes for street cat

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A friend of mine has just phoned me for help. He has been feeding a Sarajevo street cat for a while, but he is not really a cat person and when he went away recently left it to a neighbour, who was not very efficient. My friend returned last night to find the cat on his step, unable to walk or move the lower half of its body properly. He suspects it has been hit by a car and may have a broken back or pelvis, though it is dragging itself around. Apparently it slept on his bed last night, and he is now panicking to see if he can do something. I gave him the mobile number of the vet who saved Persil. So Mark is phoning him and will then come and get my carrier to take this poor animal to the vet. I suspect nothing can can be done, though it is eating and even trying to use the litter box Mark made for it this morning. Mark says he thinks it cannot use its bowels, though it is trying. Please send some good vibes to this little creature, even if only to help it over the Bridge.
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the poor thing. good luck, i hope it works out ok.
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My heart is aching! My most fervent prayers for this poor cat that it can be healed or that is will make a painless journey to the Rainbow Bridge.
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MArk came to get the carrier tonight, and will take the cat to the vet hospital tomorrow at 8.00. There was no reply from the vet - it is a problem here, there is no out of hours service, and neither of the two vets whose mobiles I have would answer. So the poor cat has to wait another night. Mark is now really upset by it all and says he has had it confirmed by his neighbour that the cat was hit by a car three days ago, but no one in the street bothered to do anything, while the little thing sat on Mark's step till he returned. I cannot believe the attitude of people here, but they are horribly deadened to suffering of any kind since the war.
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Oh Jenny that poor cat!, 3 days ago?!

(((((healing vibes))))) on their way from the UK
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Sweet furry prayers and hugs being sent! keep us posted please
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Oh goodness! Poor little cat! He sure knew where to go for compassion. Most positive vibes going out for this little one...
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Well, this poor little cat, who is still without a name, will have an operation tomorrow for a fractured pelvis, fractured femur and soft tissue damage internally. Mark is determined to at least give it a chance, he is so angry at his neighbours for leaving it in the snow for three days like that. The worst problem may be assessing and rebuilding the damage inside that is preventing normal bowel function. But he is in good hands, the same surgeon will operate who saved Persil, so please send all your vibes tomorrow.
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For not being a cat lover, Mark sure seems to care for this one.

I'm sending all my healthy healthy and positive energy for this little one to come through the surgery tomorrow.
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How very sad this is, poor kitty.Many prayers for this precious baby.
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Mark is a good guy, he believes passionately in natural justice (He works in mass grave exhumations and he has seen much evil). And he feels, rightly, that this little one has had a rough deal. But up till now, Mark has been content to leave the little fellow on the street and feed it when he saw it. He had no thoughts of bringing it in to live with him. That may change if it pulls through, though as Mark travels a lot that could create its own problems. I can somehow feel what may come next - and I DAREN'T take another cat - I am leaving here before I could even get all its shots sorted out for the EU! I'm jumping the gun - we must see what tomorrow brings.
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my heart goes out for this sweet kitty I hope he pulls through and finds a god home with Mark (Or you)
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Thank you all - the vibes are working so far. I just heard that the cat made it through surgery and is being given an enema (!! that is what Mark said!!) tonight to clear its system. It all sounds a bit strange, but we will see. How well it will be able to walk is not certain as some of the bones had begun to heal, and the vet had to do the best he could in resetting them. I will know more tomorrow. But it is the best news possible.
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Hi Jenny Ranson, you have such a wonderful friend in Mark! Thank God for people like him! I'm pretty sure he's not going to leave the poor kitty alone again, and will take him in- despite his frequent traveling *crossing my fingers*. I care for a cat who lost both of his hind legs, but he's doing super! We help him pee & poo, but he's such a lovebug, I don't mind doing that for him!

I'm hoping Mark's kitty would be able to pull through, and he'll recover in no time. I also hope once Mark decides to keep the kitty, you can catsit it for him if he's out of the town/country. Just kidding.

I'm really hoping the kitty regains its function ASAP! He's such a lucky one despite his bad history.

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Jenny, tell Mark i love him to bits for doing what he's done! Hopefully he gets attached to this kitty after whats happend but able to find a cat sitter when he's not there.
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Update today is that the cat is still in the hospital and making progress. I understand that it will be there at least three days. I have this information at third hand, so I don't know any more.
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Sad news this morning. The vet could not repair all the internal damage, particularly to the bladder, so the poor cat was PTS last night. He never managed to regain his peeing function. But at least he was given some care and attention in his last days and died in dignity, instead of in agony on the snowy streets. I ask your thoughts for street cats everywhere, and to hope that people will change so that when a cat has an accident they deal with it immediately, instead of leaving it to a few responsible people. If the cat had had prompt attention after the car accident, who knows, it might have been possible to save him. (Mods - move to Bridge?)
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This is so very sad. Poor baby.
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Aw...poor baby. I'm glad, though, that he knew compassion and care at least in the last few days of his life, and that he's no longer in pain.
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