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Rattle Snake Round UP

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Has anyone heard of this before?
Its like a fair, but funner. lol. My town is the biggest out of six round ups in the state.

Its educational for everyone who want to learn about Rattle snakes. THey do this to help cut the Rattlesnake Population down and keep us safe from wanderign snakes when or if it gets over poplutated. They Do skin most of the snakes , they are pre-killed. Youi get to watch them skin snakes, I believe you can eat snake meat to? But here is a whole page about our round up. ENJOY!!!!

Rattle Snake Round up.
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Now I am going to be having dreams about Rattlesnakes! They terrify me!
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Lots of people in areas where these are done are given the info that they are fun, needed and educational events, but the Humane Society actually considers these events rather drastically inhumane, with good reason. Follow this link

Don't mean to rain on the parade, but I figured you weren't aware, and lots of other people probably aren't either.
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Aw this doesn't sound fun at all for the rattlesnakes.
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That may be, But i dont go for the snakes I go for the carnivle and sales booths. Those are awsome. Not the Snakes. i know they are cruel to kill the snakes. They do cut down the population. Not too long ago I remember coming across pleanty of Rattlers in town, at the parks and even in neighborhioods with young children at play.
I dont support the way the snakes are kept. The round up is more put around the Carnival rides and booths.

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Quote:"There are numerous rattlesnake roundups in at least six states. This page deals only with the Sweetwater, Texas roundup, which is probably the largest.

The rattlesnake roundups in the U.S. were begun as an excuse to party and make money. Most of them slaughter thousands of snakes each year. A few do not allow slaughter but still abuse the animals. Very little education is provided. Most of them teach only that animals are put here for the amusement of mankind and that slaughter for amusement and profit is acceptable.

In the collection, many of the snakes are taken from dens while still in their winter slumber or coming out for the first basking in the sun. Others are gassed from holes. Gassing assures the death not only of the snakes, but of the other animals which live in those holes. The largest snakes are highly sought after for prize money. Gravid females are taken and slaughtered along with the others.

At one time there may have been an excuse to remove harmful snakes from newly developed residential areas to keep pets and children from harm, but now that excuse no longer exists. Now it is just needless slaughter, a slaughter which upsets the balance of nature.

If these were cute furry animals there would be an uproar heard across the country. However, since they aren't cuddly kitties (which are detrimental to the ecosystem) but are only "slimy snakes" (which are a beneficial part of the ecosystem) there is no outcry. Never mind that the roundup breaks most of the health laws in the state. Never mind that it breaks every provision of the state cruelty to animals laws. The roundup is BIG BUSINESS and no politician or government employee would dare risk his future by doing the right thing.

How any civic group can take pride in such practices is beyond my comprehension. How Sweetwater can take pride in it is a sad commentary on Sweetwater.

Recently the Humane Society of the U.S. published a booklet called "The Truth Behind Rattlesnake Roundups." It is a good perspective on the roundups. Many of my pictures were used in the publication. To order copies ($2.00 each) contact The Humane Society of the United States, 2100 L Street NW, Washington DC 20037

John O. Hollister, March 1999"
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the carnivale sounds fun , but the reason behind it is not I would think that killing so many rattle snacks each year would end up putting them on the endanger list. Its illegal to kill snakes here in Australia and if you get one in your home our yard you phone wildlife officers like calm or wires to remove the snake and take it back to the bush.
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Arizona has more species of rattlesnakes, than any other state. Most of them are protected.

Personally, I avoid them, like the plague and won't kill one, unless it is absolutely necessary. Not being a hiker or camper, it is unlikely that I will encounter one.

The thought of attending an event, with thousands of rattlesnakes (or ANY kind of snake) gives me the creeps.
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Ugh! After reading the articles in the link provided, I am disgusted. Why can't they just hold a state or county fair?

It's fair season here in Florida, too. The state fair was a couple of weeks ago, and the fairgrounds are here in Tampa. Now, the county fair, or Strawberry Festival has just opened. Plant City, FL is one of the largest producers of strawberries, so the entire function is wrapped around the harvesting season. Lots of fresh strawberries to eat. Yum.
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We have a strawberry festival here too, but it is so podunk. A parade down main street, a traveling carnival and the crowning of a strawberry queen- boy there are times when I miss the big city life!

About the roundup it totally fries me that these good ol boys do this to these snakes. It is a tradition that imo should be stopped immediately.
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The Strawberry Festival is such a big hoopla here that I am actually off from school tomorrow.....

Florida Strawberry Festival
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Now, hold on to your computer chair, don't die from the one big photo that celebrates our Strawberry Festival!
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Originally Posted by Deb25
The Strawberry Festival is such a big hoopla here that I am actually off from school tomorrow.....

Florida Strawberry Festival
Deb, Im on my way to see you - I LOVE LOVE LOVE strawberries
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You'd be in strawberry heaven. Among some of the yummies are strawberry shortcake and fresh strawberry shakes. We also have the advantage of being able to buy fresh strawberries just about anywhere this time of year.
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poor snakes,
in australia when you go in the outback you get to eat snakes, apparetly they taste alot like fish.

If i saw a snake id freak, but if they are happily living underground making the ecosystem in line, and if they dont come near me or attack me or my babies then its okay for them to stay there.

Its sad how they keep on extincting these animals, i can see it... in 50 years time we wont have many animals in the world to admire.
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