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My home. Well some of it.

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Well I got board and started takign photos of my town, here is a few but I wasnt able to get it completly since
1. batteries died
2. they blocked off parts of the town sinc ethey were ripping up the roads to place new ones down.

Batteries beat me by a mile.

OK first up. this is the back roads we love to take and imagen living there. Out side city limits. We love the view.

LIke I said half the raods in town were closed since they were being ripped up. this is the bridge we take to get to the vet, going the oppisite way that we are going.

THis is a tragic place. A younge man of 21, had his life ended here. He was knocked out and placed apon the train tracks. Not even a half amile to the right is teh stopping station. I will forever have him in my thoughts ven though i never knew him, but I know one of his murderer's

Our small plaza

GOlf course(bla boring stuff)

Our park, the town is havn the Rattle Snake ROund up this friday there, Cant wait.

My house, its cleand up mor, moved the couch , trash, and mailbox, mowed. lol that was a dump and still is.

Small but boring ill try to get the rest up later
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Great photos!!! I am very sorry to hear about the young man you mentioned. Very sad.

Also... what is a rattle snake round-up?? Sounds interesting.
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Yes its so fun!!!!!

You get to buy stuff, ride some rides at the carnivle, buy some great food and also pet the rattle snakes(dont worry professionals are there)

Sad thing is they skin most of the snakes, but there are at least 200+ rattle snakes they caught in the wild on display. THey milk the snakes, where they get teh veniom and send it off to be used as anti veniom for snake bite victoms.

Lots of fight happen too and gang rivals too. So pathetic, the gangs that is.This town is way to small for something so pathetic. They have police on horse patrol for traffic.

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Aw thanks for sharing the photos. I recall seeing a movie called Sacrifice which was partly filmed in Sweetwater, Texas?
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Never heard of it. Hmm am I really thatclueless of our town? hope not, lol.

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Thanks for sharing!
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Nice pics, Thanks!
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