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Hello all.

Usually my family is problem free- but this evening we noticed Tenchi with a limp in one of his hind legs. I cannot figure out which one of his legs is sore giving him the limp and both feel relatively normal when i press my hand to them to feel beyond the fur a little.

My husband noticed he still wants to play, he's still eating, cleaning, just he doesn't walk very much and when he can he lays down. It's almost as if he's pretty uncomfortable but not in excruciating pain. The problem is its Saturday night and tomorrow is Sunday and the soonest we could get to an open vet probably is monday early morning.

I was wondering if there is anything I could\\should do until we can get him to the vet- I carried him up the stairs this evening so he wouldn't have to make the trip on his own.

He was laying in our bedroom on the floor and meowed once in his Call voice and so I went and brought him to my area at the computer whre he's now laying trying to sleep. I will proceed to make sure I carry him up\\down the stairs depending on where I go as he usually follows me around and prefers to be in my company when I am home.

If you have any other advice or tips until I can make it to the vet(i'm really guessing he may have hurt himself while chasing one of the younger cats up the stairs.. but Tenchi is only 2 and a half) I'd really appreciate it.. Thanks!!
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It's sounds like your doing what i would do in your situation.
Make sure he stays off those steps

I hope hes ok, wish him luck!
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I would agree, it sounds like you're doing good. A similar thing happened with our older cat Max, I was ready to rush him to the vet but instead I kept a close eye on him, noticed he would come running over if I called him, etc. The next day he was fine, I guess he must've hurt himself chasing (or rather running from) Baylee.

Good luck!
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just to make sure, you haven't introduced any new cats lately, haven't gotten any cats recently from a shelter, and the cat with a limp is eating well and seems otherwise ok right?
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Stepheng, No we've had all 3 of our cats together for a good 7 or 8 months or so.. And Tenchi so far will eat fine.. even tries to clean himself but looks uncomfortable when he goes for the butt-lick.. I wonder if he maybe dislocated something or strained a muscle.

I will closely monitor him but theres like a .0001% that this would be any form of disease from another cat. We keep them indoors and not exposed to any other cat
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