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Any Help Please

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ok , I NEED to know what food you can eat to lhelp ower blood pressure or vitamins. my mom needs something to lower hers. So anyone have any thing you know that works and has awsome results please let me know.

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Her physician should be prescribing her medication to control her blood pressure. One thing she should do is reduce her sodium intake.
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over the long term, oats, fish, tofu, lean chicken, vegetables can help.

In the slightly-less long term, avoiding soda, coffee, tea can help

reducing sodium intake is supposed to help as well.

But for something more short-term, faster acting, and more medically sound, talk to your doctor..
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Wheatgrass lowers in dramatically

also petting your cat works tooo...lol
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Deb...you took the words out of my mouth.

If she has high blood pressure, I would think that her doctor has her on some medications to control that.

Also, tell her to lay off the salt.
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Medical advice is crucial. But there are things your mum can do to make sure her blood pressure is kept as low as possible in addition to anything the doctor may advise.

Eat a healthy diet - low in salt; low in fat and low in sugar.

Ensure that the person is an appropriate weight.

Take a reasonable amount of exercise - a good brisk walk every day. Doctors in the UK advise that a healthy amount of exercise is achieved by walking 10,000 steps per day.

I have naturally high blood pressure and cholesterol - it runs in the family. I have managed to stabilise my blood pressure and cholesterol without the aid of medication by doing these things and being closely monitored by my doctor. I have listened to and acted on the things my doctor has advised - this is vital.
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Also watch very carefully the sodium content of processed and packaged foods. They are usually very high.
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