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Made 100

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This is my 100th post, finally!

I don't get time to check in to this site as often as I would like to, so it took me a while to get to 100. Finally made it. Am I an adult cat now?

(PS...Beau, who was diagnosed with CRF in November, is doing well, and holding his own. His weight has dropped, but so far his blood work is showing pretty good numbers, and it looks as though he will be with me a long time still, I hope!) Thanks to all of you great folks here for being here.
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Congrats on your 100th post!!!!
I'm glad to hear Beau is doing so well, that's such wonderful news!!!
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LOL....I'm working my way back to 100 posts. I lost all of mine and had to re-register
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Congratulations on making 100 posts!

I'm sure the next 100 posts will come twice as fast!
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Way to go! Thank you for precious Beau's update, I'm so happy his bloodwork is looking so good! He'll be with you for years to come!
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