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how to stop my cat from getting out- help!

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Hello, one of my cats who are living with my friend (don't have space in our home) used to be indoor only, but now, he likes getting out. I'm scared for my cat who might get lost and bad things might happen to him. He's neutered, so I'm wondering why he wants to get out. He's also getting enough food.

Sorry if I'm not making enough sense here. Too much problems lately. Thanks!

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Just make sure he has tags and a collar on. HAve him microchipped if he isnt. You can use repellents around the door area to keep him from it. I know someone on here knows of a product you can use.

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Steph - Even though he's neutered and has plenty to eat, it's not unusual that your cat would want to go outside. Cats being the inquisitive animals that they are, find the outside world to be filled with lots of interesting things: birds, small animals, trees to climb, etc.

Since you want him to be an indoor cat only (that would be my choice too) I can understand why you're worried about him. Unless your friend makes more of an effort to be responsible and ensure that your cat stays inside, I don't think there is anything you can do unless you bring him back to live with you.

If your friend puts a collar and tags on your cat, it MUST be a breakaway collar. A cat's collar can become snagged on a tree or fence, and if it doesn't break open, the cat can choke. If your cat isn't used to wearing a collar, he may also be frantic to get it off and could get his leg stuck under it while attempting to get rid of the collar. He will need to become accustomed to wearing a collar and that will take time. It also means he needs to stay indoors during the process. A microchip is a good idea as long as that is a widely accepted means of identification where you live. A microchip won't help unless someone has a scanner to read it.

If you truly can't bring him home with you, is it possible for another friend or relative (who will make sure to keep him indoors) to take him?
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Hi KTLynn & Golden Love Moon, thanks for the replies.

Shrekie (the cat who loves going out), is strictly an indoor-cat only, but he sometimes get out of the house and roam around the garage, which is quite scary because he can easily get out and roam freely on the streets. I would really prefer it if he's an indoor-only cat. I can't bring him back to my place, I have 10 cats there and one crossed the bridge this morning due to FIP, and the rest are having URI, ringworm problems. It would be very unfair if I bring Shrekie with us, and my dad's upset about me having too many cats.

I recently got Shrekie a breakaway collar, and would definitely get him a tag. Microchipping him would be out of the question- not a lot of owners microchip their pets.

I don't know of anyone who would be willing to take him in, and give him the necessary care. I wish my family would move to a new house so we can get Shrekie to join our little family.
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The only thing I can think of is try to train him to come when called.
My cats come when I call them. I am now teaching Wawa.
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Limerick likes to play with the bugs and birds. That may be why he wants out, to explore.
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Yeah some cats just like going out, mine does and it's hard to keep him in. And time doesn't change it. YOur cat just likes going out, the fresh air and being able to roam around.

I put lemon right by the door and that helps keep him away.
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