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I'd like to introduce Jake

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Hi everyone a few days ago I came acrosss this beautiful looking young male. He was a neighborhood stray. I was visiting my sister and she was showing me a kitten about 6+months of age and telling me how she has been caring for it.

She then told me of a skinny cat who loved to run in her house when she wasnt looking. When this handsome guy rounded the house struting up and rubbing all over our legs. I then saw how horrible he looked. So thin.

All the her strays around there were healthy. I then went to check his gums to see if they were pink and to my surprise his gums were red. He couldnt stand me touching his mouth. I bet that was why he was thin. It hurts to eat.

Robert agreed to take him in and have him to the vet this monday. I will have him tested as well. He is such a loving guy and use to be a indoor cat. IN his photo from the back it looks as if he has wings. He followed me through the house after I put my guys to bed. I'll let everyone know how teh vet visit went.

He is truely a loving guy

Looks like he has wings

Wanting out so bad he tears the carpet

GIzmo wondering who is on the other side of the door.

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He sure is a handsome boy. His "wings" are adorable, and his little face is to die for!
Has he been eating soft food okay, with his poor little tender gums?
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hope that he doesnt have to much wronge with his mouth.Hes a nice looking cat.
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I woke up at 5 am and seen him sleeping on roberts head. He is a doll

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Oh he is such a sweetie! Beautiful colouring!
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He's an angel!
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Oh what a beautiful boy!!!
Please let us know how things went at the vet?
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What a sweet little face! Good for you and Robert for being his angels and rescuing him.
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Awww, what a cutie.
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Jake is cute....I love that light grey colour on cats
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Bless his heart! he looks a real love bug alright!

I'm so pleased you took him in
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What a sweet boy Hugs to you and him!
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Oh, lucky you!!! What a cutie!!!
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Oh my, Jake has the sweetest little face! He's very cute, thanks for helping this little guy.
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Hi everyone!!!! Ok Jake was 7.8 lbs when I took him to the vet. He had mouth rot and was given a shot for it, his gums are clear of any infection and now weighs a lot more I suppose 9 lbs or more. He is a loving a curious cat who loves to wrestle Gizmo . They slam each outher down hard. He loves to tease Trish, Tigger and who ever else he like to tease. He enhjoys to follow me around the house and has the cutiest meow. He is clread for any illnesses and wa accepted with in three days by the gang, Mostly Tabitha is in ove with him.

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Oh dear me.. do I have to update your signature now?! Oh no.. I just noticed you already have a Jake in your signature! Phew!! *wink*
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Thanks for the update. I am glad the others accepted him, and that he is going to be ok.
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Originally Posted by Cirque
Oh dear me.. do I have to update your signature now?! Oh no.. I just noticed you already have a Jake in your signature! Phew!! *wink*

lol, I made sure I put his in with the

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YAY!!! Congratulations!!! So sorry I am slow to find this thread! I am so excited for you---he is soooooooooooooooo beautiful! I absolutely adore his markings on his back and agree it looks like wings! He certainly is an angel, isn't he. God bless you for taking him in!!!

Looking forward to updates and new pictures of him!!!
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