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Just a little spring colour...

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If you're pining for Spring, here are a few shots from our garden this afternoon...

The quince blossoms are opening...

And the forsythia has burst forth...

There are buds on the lilac, too, but they don't look like much yet. And there, amongst the volunteer grass, comes the rhubarb...

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Oooh lovely! I really like the first two pictures!
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Thanks for sharing, Fran! I am SO ready for spring.
Our quince bushes are covered in buds and I do have a few daffodills blooming. Our lilac hasn't done much yet. I passed a yard a few days ago covered in blooming snow crocus. I'll be posting my pictures in a few weeks time. Will spring ever arrive?
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Lovely Fran! I won't see that for quite some time - Another month is my guess!
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Wow Fran, those are so pretty!!
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very pretty!!!!
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Ohhh!! How pretty! Spring will soon spring!! Your garden looks lovely.
We still don't have any blooms here in the South...I am eagerly awaiting them. Though I DID hear birds chirping this morning!
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I am SO jealous. You are north of us, but have much more. Our forsythia isn't out yet and your chinese blossom is about 2 months early!!!
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Very beautiful.
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I can't wait for spring to get here!!! Thank you for the pictures.
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Daffodils here - like Amie said - though none of the fancy ones Dad planted years ago (fancy colors, split trumpets, etc) and the maple was trying to bloom.

Can't wait for the dogwood!!!

BTW, will be in the 60s F tomorrow and it's downhill the rest of the week!
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How lovely!
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Nothing beats Nature's colors!
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Originally Posted by yayi
Nothing beats Nature's colors!
Ain't that the truth!!

There are lots of ornamental trees in bloom -- streets lined on both sides with them, like so many pink sentinels -- it always blows my mind. I'll try to get some pics in the next couple of days and post them.
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Oh delightful pics! Thanks for sharing.
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Oh, so lovely, Fran! Thank for that breath of fresh air!Spring will be here in no time at all!
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Very beautiful We still have snow here
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Aww Fran - thanks for the beautiful, cheerful springtime pictures. It's definitely coming - it's 5.45 pm here and still light that's up from darkness at 4.30 just a few weeks ago.
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