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clumping litter

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Is clumping litter not as safe as clay litter? I bought some of the Cedar Fresh clump litter, and so far, I am very surprised with it than clay litter. I have also read that clumping is bad for cats/kittens.
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This may answer some questions you have

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it has been thought that clumping litter when ingested(when they are grooming themselves) will clump inside their stomaches. im not sure really how true this is but i tried the worlds best cat litter and was not happy with it at all. i didnt think it had very good odor control as i could smell the poop as soon as they went. so im back to tidy cats scoopable which i have had really good results with. in my opinion i have not heard any actual cases of this "clumping in the stomach" and i would think that they would have to ingest an aweful lot of litter for this to occur. i dont know about anyone else's cats but mine shake their paws when leaving the litter box so most of the litter that would have been groomed off is then all over my floor(i have actually seen them do this) so im not too worried about mine having this problem but then again is better to be safe than sorry. what results have you had with the cedar fresh? i am thinking about trying another natural brand.
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