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Hope I've read all the instructions properly and this works ... forgive me if I blow it? If this work, this is Nytro a 7 month old Main Coon Cross. The love of our lives.
<img src="http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y36/Nytrosmom/Nytro1.jpg" alt="Image hosted by Photobucket.com">
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Here I fixed the code as you got it a bit off. If you hit Quote and Reply you can see what I did:

Phew that's a big picture... but what a gorgeous cat!
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Thank you Pinkdaisy but that is HUGE. How do I cut it down to size? I apologize for messing it up so badly. Laurey
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Laurey, your cat is so cute! For reducing the size of the pic when you are viewing the pics in your album click "edit" and you will find options for reducing the size of the pic there.
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Thank you so much for your help. At least it's a smaller picture but you can't see him as well. I will endeavor to take more pictures of him a little closer up - so that I can show him off Edited to add - and maybe try get a little less of the toy clutter! You never see the dust and toys until you post a picture for the world to see!
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Good luck! A lot of us use Irfan, it's free software to help you reduce the size of pictures. Let me know if you need anymore help!
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What a beauty!! I can see why you are taken with Nytro!!

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Nytro is beautiful- what a tail!! Welcome to TCS!
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I wish my kitty stood on her scratching post. I think shes to much of a fraidy cat.
It looks like fun to watch!
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love your cat . I posted my first photo of misty and smokey yesterday and i took over an hour to figure it out when I should have just asked as the people on this site are very helpful. Well done.
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Nytro is a beauty! Thanks for sharing!
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Nytro is beautiful, nice pic.
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Nytro is very handsome!
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Nytro looks like a beauty! I'm sure he's even more beautiful up close, look forward to more pictures of him.
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