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Has anyone seen this???? It's supose to translate what your dog barks. My question is Does it work?? and would it work for cats??

bow lingual
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I don't know if it's the same product, or a copycat, but a "dog translator" has been available on the Japanese market for a year or two, and I believe there's now a cat version. It's probably an absolute waste of money. Being a little bit observant will tell you what your dog or cat is trying to communicate, because they're better at it than we are.
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Just a cute gimmick, I think.
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Ok here's a new question..... If it was proven to work for your cat, would you use it??
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Originally Posted by eburgess
Ok here's a new question..... If it was proven to work for your cat, would you use it??
I wouldn't need it, because our cat never shuts up, and is quite skilled at communicating his desires and needs. I could see something like that being useful in shelters, though, if it worked.
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I remember reading an article about the dog translator about a year ago. It was an interesting read and if gimmicky, it still sounded like it was heavily researched. I'm sure no one would want to rely on it, but if I had money to burn I would want to give it a try out of pure curiosity. I remember the article also mentioning that they were developing one for cats, but no matter what they do I think women will always be the best cat translators available on the market.
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If there was one for cats I wouldn't buy it.
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If there was one proven to work for cats, I would buy it. I would love to know what Scooter is saying when he sits in the middle of the room and howls for no apparent reason. I can usually tell about the others, but Scooter baffles me sometimes. I can tell Fred to show me what he wants, and he usually will. He will go to the couch and pat his paws when he wants me to sit with him, go to his food or water if he is hungry or thirsty, and go to the door if he want to go on the porch.
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Limerick does that too!!! He'll just yowl in the living room untill I answer him. I figure it's for attention.
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