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Had a scare this morning

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This morning when I woke up, Kenai didn't have her nose in my face to greet me as I rolled out of bed. This is her customary greeting every morning when she hears us rattling around, and is usually quite enjoyable unless she has recently sampled the horse manure outside that I can't keep her out of.

So I called to her and she came at an awkward walk, very slowly and bumped into the wall instead of coming through the doorway.

I slid out of bed and sat on the floor and called her to me and she came to me but she looked off. I checked her every which way I could and I didn't see anything like a wound or an obvious injury. There was some heat off of her front shoulder, and he eye was a bit swollen underneath.

She turned around to leave and yelped, and bit her right shoulder, then walked a few spaces and yelped and bit her left shoulder. That was enough for me, one phone call and we were off the vet.

He examined her and discovered that she had a lot of pressure building behind her right eye, and her shoulders were indeed sore. He surmises that sometime in the night she got kicked by one of the horses! Now she has grown up with my guys and is in with them a lot and they are used to her. She doesn't chase livestock so I don't see how she could have gotten kicked, at least not intentionally.

She is on anti-inflammatory drugs as well as diarsanyl for nasty bad diarrhea. The worst part about it is when I got her home to give her her meds, just to open her mouth makes her yelp in pain. I did manage to tuck the pills into small balls of cheese and give them to her, but this other stuff that looks like laxatone, you can forget it, all she does is yelp when I try to open her mouth. The stuff is in a plunger and you have to press it into her mouth in measured increments.

Now she is hiding in the shower where she retreats when she is upset, disturbed or scared. Please think good thoughts for this wonderful german shepherd dog. I feel so at a loss to help her out of this~
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Poor Kenai. I hope she feels better soon.
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Oh Mary Anne! Poor Kenai, she is in my thoughts!
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Oh, poor baby! Maybe one of the horses got startled and that's how Kenai got kicked... God, how that must have hurt.

In any case, I'm so sorry she was injured. I'm thinking of her and sending all the best wishes and good thoughts her way that she'll be back to herself soon.

PS- Hissy, is it possible her jaw was fractured and the vet missed that? I'm wondering why she's yelping each time you try to open her mouth.
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Oh, poor Kenai!Good thing you took such quick action, MA, so she can be treated appropriately. I'm so sorry this has happened, she will definatly be in my prayers, and hugs to you, too. You give her such wonderful care and unlimited love! She'll feel better in no time at all. Please do keep us posted how she is feeing.
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I'm sending all of my positive thoughts to her. I pray she will come out of this with no problems.
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aww poor thing!!!!!! Hope she'll be ok!!!
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Oh no, poor thing! I hope she feels better! Let us know how she does, okay?
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Ouchy! I hope she gets better soon.
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I do hope she gets better soon. Strange how that could happen, but I guess you will never know.
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Sorry to hear about Kenai.Poor girl.I hope she is feeling well soon.
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Oh, IM sorry to hear about Kenai, I hope she feels better. She is in my thoughts.

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a prayer for her quick recovery... My gigi (dog) send s a hug to since she also like horses
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Well she is getting worse not better and keeps hiding in the shower. I just got off the phone with the vet, he wants her to be 24 hours on the medication and if no improvement I need to bring her back. Her third eyelid has crept over her left eye, and her face is swollen as well. This is a real puzzle because she is with us all the time. At night she has run of the house and the property and we are fenced all the way around so she can't get out in the front yard and into the road. I am really worried about her- and I just hope she will be okay.
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I will send lots of prayers... poor baby and poor mommy.. sending internet hugs
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I'm so sorry to hear about this, and can only imagine how worried you must be. I'm sending lots of good vibes your way.
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Oh, please feel better soon, Kenai!
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Oh no Mary Anne that is no good! I hope she improves over night! Sending heaps more doggy vibes her way.
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Oh Hissy, I just saw this now. I am sending lots of healing vibes Kenai's way...any chance there is a spider bite or a bite/puncture wound of some other sort? Or several things...as someone else posted, any chance her jaw is fractured?

I am so sorry
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kenai is getting warm wishes from us and we hope that all goes well.
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Poor Kenai! And poor you! I hope she's doing a little better this morning. All good vibes and good wishes for you both
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omg! i am so scared and worried for you! i will be praying for your precious baby all through the night! i hope she is alright. that is scary to think about she might have been kicked, i can only imagine(but dont really want to) the blow to her head/shoulder keep us posted on how she is doing
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Sending Kenai lots and lots of healing vibes! Praying that she gets better.
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Sending Kenai(((((healthy vibes))))) from the UK
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Oh, your poor baby! Sending healing vibes her way.
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Oh dear, poor soul. It must be such a worry for you - sending healing vibes your way.
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Just let the vet know that I will bring Kenai in tomorrow morning, and I want her sedated and her mouth examined. Someone knocked on the door this morning and she went to bark, then yelped...barked...yelped then she was quiet. It broke my heart. I tried to look into her mouth but all she would do was tremble and lock her jaw. Dammit I just wish I knew what happened here. Surely if she fractured her jaw she would have some sort of dislodgement showing? Her mouth closes fine, she can open it to pant, but she won't pick up her toys and she can only eat soft foods- I am really worried and hope to have some answers later tomorrow. Her teeth are good and strong so there is no abscess problem- I am just so puzzled and worried and wish it were tomorrow already-
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Poor Kenai...well, she's giving you good clues, and now you know what is bothering her most is her mouth/jaw...you'll get some answers. In the meantime, doggie gruel, soft mush, and a quiet day for her where she feels no need to bark, is my prescription!
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Oh, I just know it breaks your heart to see her in pain, and how frustrating to not know the exact cause. You'll find the solution, MA, your instincts and experience and your Vet's expertise will lead you there. Until then, many prayers for Kenai and much love for you both.
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Ohhh, poor thing! I hope she's feeling better soon.
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