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Do you like my new Signature?

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Because my precious senior cat Snoopy passed away, I am having a hard time looking at his photo's right now, so I made a new Signature. Do you think it's OK? It has Shane, Simba, and my human furbaby Paul Stanley. Maybe some day I'll once again be able to look at photo's of Snoopy, but for now, it's too painful.
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It looks fine, Hope. I can imagine how difficult it is right now for you to see Snoopy's picture - the pain is just too raw right now. How are you doing?
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I understand Hope. Recently when our Dog Soul passed away I made a screensaver of her pictures for the computer but Mum said it was too painful for her to view everyday. I like your signature Hope, I love the colours!
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Your siggy is so wonderful, Hope! You're so talented with things such as this!Of course you're having a difficult time seeing your baby's pictures, I'm so sorry you are in such pain. You remain in my thoughts and prayers, Hope.
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Dear Hope: This are not only words, believe me your new Siggy is absolutely fantastic! your pic`s about Mr Stanley are nice!

And should be sooo fine in a future see to Snoopy back in your siggy again,

My best wishes for you dear Hope
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I'm sorry you're sad right now. for you.
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I noticed your new signature in a different thread and thought it looked great.. I was wondering why you took Snoopy off but I understand why it could be hard for you to see pictures of him now. Are you doing better? I'm still here for you if you need anything...
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I love your new siggy, I'm sorry for your loss.
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I like it, Hope. I like that picture of Paul, too!
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Hope! I am so sorry to hear that Snoopy has crossed the Bridge. Sending hugs to you. (BTW, looong time no see...sorry I had to come back to sad news.)
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Hope it's fine It's understandable you can't look at Snoopy at the moment
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Your siggy is very nice. The background and the shadows give it depth almost like 3D.
I am so sorry to hear about Snoopy.
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For some reason your siggy is not showing up. I'm on a really old computer right now, so its probably that. I'm sure I'll be able to see it from my work computer tomorrow, though.

I am so sorry to hear about your Snoopy. RIP Snoopy.
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