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Tumour in her throat

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My adorable cat was breathing heavily so I took her to the vet who found a lump in her throat. A biopsy has confirmed it is an aggessive cancer. The vet says we can give her quarterzone to reduce the inflammation and make her more comfortable but its a matter of time.

What I'm concerned about is that she is suffering. She appears OK now except for the weasing in her breathing. I'm not sure what to do. Of course I want her with me as long as possible, but I don't want her to be in pain (I know humans get morphine for cancer pain).

Any advice would be valued.

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First of all I am sorry. Really though, no one can advise you better than a qualified vet who has seen your cat. It depends on what type of cancer she has, how aggressive it is, what type of quality of life the cat is having in the moment, how she looks, is there a spark of life left in the eyes? Some people believe that because their cats purr they are content, but cats purr when they are scared, in pain, as well as when they are happy and content.

There are a couple of articles on site that you might want to read to help guide you


There is another one, but off the top of my head I can't recall the name, it was submitted over two years ago here.

Again, you let your cat and your vet be your guide. If you let your heart speak, you may find you cannot release her early enough to stop her pain. Cats are so stoic, it is their instinct when they are ill to hide it to the best of their ability. That translates to more pain for them and more suffering for the confused human in their care-

Good luck!
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Taggart, I'm sorry about the diagnoses you got about your cat. Cancer can be very difficult to deal with, I know. My sweet boy Louie had it.

Hissy gave you some good advice already. What I can tell you is that when the condition is a matter of life or death, it's sometimes very valuable to get a second, even a third opinion. I did this for Louie and it turned out to be the best thing I could have done. When his cancer was first diagnosed, the doctor suggested putting him on chemotherapy immediately. Instead, I quickly took him to a specialist, a feline oncologist. It was recommended Louie have surgery right away to remove the tumor in his stomach, and then follow up with chemo. If I had done just the chemo, the tumor would have started to dissipate, seemingly a good thing, but the tumor cells were actually "holding together" part of his stomach. As the tumor disappeared, a hole would have been left in the stomach wall! By doing the surgery first, and then the chemo, we extended Louie's life. It was wonderful to see how much better he felt after the surgery.

If you get a second opinion from a specialist in feline cancer (oncology) you may find there are other options besides the cortisone your vet recommended for inflammation. I think you're right to be concerned about pain as well. There are some new and effective pain meds available for cats now. Be sure to inquire about them.

Even if it turns out that there aren't other options for your cat, you will have peace of mind knowing that you tried to do all you could for her. Hard as it is, try to treat her as you always have - cats with cancer are stressed and need reassurance. Your cat wants her world to just stay the same, and that goes for how you interact with her as well. Try not to be upset in front of her. It may take superhuman effort, but be as cheerful as you can for her sake. Play with her, cuddle her, do all the things you'd normally do together.

Heartfelt good wishes to you both.
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prayers, HUGS and belly rubs being sent!
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