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To All With Kind Words

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I wanted to answer you all personally and when I got to the thread site saw that alot of people had replied . I have found some comfort in your words . It is soo fresh in my mind and I am still trying to swallow down the lump that is in my throat . I thank you all so very much from deep in my soul because I know you truly understand and I know this is where I belong . I am sooo into cats and imagine that anyone ready to spend time out to speak on thier children really care . I am reminded back to my childhood . My mom just showed me a picture of when i was a very small baby and I was sat on the floor and smack dab in the middle of a cluster of kittens . I have never remembered a time in my life I have been wiithout a cat ! I mean that too ....NEVER . My dad even told me when I was growing up .... Why don't you just marry a cat and when the preacher gets to that part when they say you may kiss the bride ... He said they could say LET THE FUR FLY ! I always wanted a pure bred cat but my doctor has advised against a manx . He said alot of manx cats eventually or mostly have a lot of nerve problems .... or how he said before a congenital birth defect . I think I do want to go get a cat but I might just go rescue a cat or two from certain death at the local pound . I called yesterday and they said they were putting cats and dogs down after only two days . They have two days from the time they come . If not adopted ........ Well I am stopping here cause I know this is another whole page . Sorry I will make them shorter I just wanted to thank you and share . You are all so kind and very helpful . Thanx. < I swear diablo looks just like that !
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I think its wonderful that you want to adopt a cat from the pound! They need love and care so badly! I'm sure you will find a kitty who will steal your heart Good luck to you, and again I'm sorry for your recent loss. please let us know all about the kitty you get!
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Lona, I am so glad you are considering adopting a cat from the pound! and I really got a kick out of what your dad said..."And Let The Fur Fly" sounds like something my dad would have said!!!! :LOL:

I am so glad you have joined us here, and so sorry about your kitten, but hopefully you will be feeling better soon, although it is hard, and maybe you can adopt a new baby from the pound.
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The time will be right and the kitty will be right - you will find a fur ball to love!
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Lona; We never worry about how long or short the posts are here. Come back often and post long. We are here for you. Every member at TCS can empathize with your loss. I know it is too soon, but when the time is right; adopting a cat from the shelter is one of the nicest things you could do for yourself and the rescued kitty. . . .
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Dear Lona :angel2:

How thoughtful in your time of grief to thank anyone...Like Darlene says...no posts are too long. Please feel free to speak your mind or spill your feelings as often as you please; we're here for you; just as we are for one another.

I don't think any of us can imagine our lives without cats...I do believe that that's the bond that holds us together in that special way.

I'm so glad to hear that you're thinking of adopting a cat "or two". You definitely put a smile on my face. I hope that thought puts one on yours and the "two" -- make it a double...you'll be twice as happy that you've rescued two beautiful babies from a terrible fate.

You're a doll...

Love & Peace,
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I do hope you are feeling better, and the idea about adopting a cat/kitten from the pound is an excellent one. It should make you feel a bit better. It sounds like you could give a cat a wonderful home.
Being a cat lover myself, I can relate to what you are going through- having been through sickness and deaths, but I always know that despite how painful it is, I would never have done anything different. To love and be loved by a cat is one of the most precious things in the world. I have 5 now, hopefully will have 6 sometime in the coming months.
I had cats all through my childhood as my mother is a cat lover, and I would never be without a cat.
My husband had no pets growing up, which I thought was very sad. Although he is not as *cat crazy* as I am, I know he loves our cats.
I have 2 British Shorthair kittens, and I can't imagine losing them so young as you have done.
Although you should feel free to vent on the board, don't hesitate to e-mail me if you need a friendly ear.
Take good care.
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