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Raggie to the rescue

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I feel like awarding Mitz a medal. At two am this morning I heard him mewing urgently outside- I got up and leaned out of the window to call him, he came charging towards the catflap, and then I heard the giveaway THUNK of a cat climbing the fence, and Jake appeared behind him. Jake the Adventurous had found a gap in the catproofing that keeps them secure in the garden and had got out. What I heard was Mitz shouting urgently to him that he shouldn't be doing that, to come back right now and he was going to tell mum. Needless to say they all got brought straight inside and the catflap sealed until I can get security restored this morning! Mitz did actually come and get me once before when he and Jake were kittens and Jake got stuck behind a hedge in the garden. He came galloping inside, shot up and down the stairs and shouted at me until I went to see what had upset him and found Jake stranded. He's obviously a natural rescue cat! Who needs Lassie?
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Mitz is such a good boy!!!!
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What a fantastic story! I had a cat who kept track of her adopted sibling. He'd get lost in the kitchen! She'd go running to him and help him find the living room (3 feet away...) and settle him down. She'd look at him and shake her head sometimes--like when he fell in the bath EVERY time I filled it up because he'd try to walk the curved edge while she sat securely in the corner--but generally took good care of that goofy, clutzy cat! Thank goodness for the responisble ones!
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WTG Mitz!
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