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The Chocolate thread!

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Ok, we talk about what we're having for this meal or that, we talk about our favourite junk food...and it's quite clear this place has a BUNCH of chocoholics

So...what's your fave? Dark? Milk? White? Love it all? Don't understand what the big excitement is?

Do you like it plain? with nuts? with flavours? with fillings?

Who makes the very, very best "to die for" chocolate?
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Chocolate....Milk with carmal...

You guessed right!
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I prefer milk, but not the hershey's crap, I like real melty lovely milk chocolate, sometime with nuts, mint, but most often with an orange dark chocolate filling like the little guylian treats Jason had in my stocking this past christmas.. or Caramel, or nougat(the hard clear kind, not the fluffy crap in the whitman's samplers) and coconut!

Rocky Mountain does a great job, but for truffles, I like joseph schmidt. Guylian and ritter for the most commercial brand I like- Ritter makes a chocolate that I would kill for with nougat in.. bu I forget what they call it.
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I like Milk Chocolate the best.

Cadburys Three Wishes is my favourite, but I also love Whittakers peanut slabs.

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is someone talking about chocolate???????

I like milk chocolate and white chocolate the best!!! oh oh and tim tams!! oh I wish I had some tim tams here right now.... oh and I like chocolate filled with caramel and and and and oh I honestly can not choose my favourite!
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oh this thread makes me want to cry

i LOVE milk chocolate. any kind. but i gave up chocolate (all kinds) for lent!!!!!! there is a box of chocolate cookies sitting in the cabinet and its killing me and then i went to dinner with 2 friends last night and the only desserts the place had were double chocolate this or chocolate fudge brownie this. oh it was torture!!!

someone needs to eat a piece of chocolate for me i think.
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Originally Posted by palisades
someone needs to eat a piece of chocolate for me i think.
I'll eat some chocolate for you!!

I like Milk Chocolate with Peanut butter!! mmmm
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Originally Posted by palisades
someone needs to eat a piece of chocolate for me i think.
oh oh oh pick me!! pick me!! I can eat as many pieces of chocolate for you as you want
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i love milk chocolate or white
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Definitely white for me and most preferably by Cadbury's.
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Milk chocolate!!!

I looooooove Cadbury and Rocky Mountain!!! Brendan and I stop by the ROcky Mountain shops in town ALL OF THE TIME.

My fave fillings for chocolate are peanut butter, caramel, and whatever they put in Whatchamacalit's!
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mmm... Watchamacallits rule. A little bit of everything nummy with chocolate overtop.

I ordered some choco-covered caramels from my daughter's fundraiser... can't wait to get them, last time I ordered them they were gone by night's end.

Chocolate in coffee is good... mocha!

Take a big spoon of peanut butter, mix in some semi-sweet morsals, and munch away... homemade Reese.

Ever tried chocolate flavor Chapstick? I think it's sold around the holidays.
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Mmmm chocolate. I love the chocolate and double chocolate Tim Tams that Danielle sent me for my bday! I love Cadbury milk chocolate with nuts... oh so good! I also like white chocolate, those Hershey's Cookies and Cream bars. And Dove chocolate is so yum... now my tummy is a-rumbling at the thought of all that scrumptious goodness!
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I love allll chocolate, but in small amounts.....I can overdo it really easily!!

But I would like to add that my favorite way to eat chocolate is chocolate fondue.....mmmmmm.....melted chocolate.....
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Originally Posted by SharonKay
But I would like to add that my favorite way to eat chocolate is chocolate fondue.....mmmmmm.....melted chocolate.....
Oooh that's what I had on my birthday: White and Milk Chocolate fondue! Oh it was soo good. AND I had a chocolate martini, so I was so overdosing on chocolate!
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The TCS chapter of Chocoholics Anonymous will come to order...

My name is gemlady and I prefer milk chocolate (I have a major sweet tooth and the fillings to prove it.) Where do I start? My fav kind depends on my mood - or what is available or on sale...

Looooooooooooooooooooooove milk chocolate truffles Locally we have Mike Lib's and Stephen Lib's (they're cousins who dads started Lib's. Stephen's dad left and then Mke and his brother were the only Libs until about 10 years ago when Stephen opened up. ) Local fav of theirs is the pecan flipovers. I really love the Mello Milk Chocolate. Love chocolate that melts in my mouth without chewing. (I'm lazy, too. )

But I like other manufacturers, too. (Well, except for the really cheap companies that sell chocolate coating instead of real chocolate. )

Anyone else give up chocolate for Lent? I'll eat your share!
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omg...a chocolate thread! I love dark chocolate covered strawberries. And anything with chocolate and peanut butter is to die for!!

I also like things that are chocolate and coconut. YUM!!!!
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sawy, im not such a big fan of chockie! but i do like milk
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Hello, my name is Cindy, and I am a Chocoholic! Doesn't really matter to me, white, dark, milk......as long as its good chocolate! Hub makes a wonderful cake, its Duncan Hines Butter Recipe Fudge, filled in between with white cream, then iced with his homeade chocolate frosting......drool! Chocolate goes with anything in my book, nuts, crispies, coconut, more chocolate!
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I love milk chocolate and there's nothing wrong with white either. For me, eating straight dark chocolate is a bit like eating dirt, but if it's got something to go with it then it's better.

My favorite deserts have chocolate in them. I love double chocolate cookies with milk. On the rare occasions I go to Subway I often get 3 of those. I love "Sex in a Pan", which has a light cookie-ish base with whipped cream/sourcream then chocolate pudding, then more whipped cream. Chocolate fudge rules. I love mud pie too: chocolate cookie base, chocolate icecream and a thin layer of thick fudge on top. Then there's chocolate pudding cake. I love that with vanilla ice cream. mmmmmmmm!!!
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Hey, this thread reminded me, I have some chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing in the kitchen....guess what I'm going to have for breakfast!
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This thread caused me to scavange through my pantry and hunt out what chocolate I could find - sadly I only found some chocolate girl guide biscuits but they were good enough for me!
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Well, I thought I'd just have to be envious of you two, but I have some chocolate covered peanuts. I love those!
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Milk Chocolate!!!
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
I like Milk Chocolate the best.

Cadburys Three Wishes is my favourite, but I also love Whittakers peanut slabs.

Peanut Slabs are my absolute favourite as well!!!!!!! Whenever my mum sends me some, my friends in the US think they are too hard to bite into
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Eric wakes up in the morning and has a cigarette....I have chocolate - what a piece of work we are. <groan>

and a Cocco Nutty Cow at Red Robin!
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OMG!!! There's no chocolate in our house!!! Not even the cheap stuff!! HELP!!!!!!!
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Withdrawal.....w i t h d r a w a l......
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In the words of Homer Simpson: mmmmmm... chocolate
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Chocolate in all shapes, sizes and flavours is good by me. Except I'm not supposed to eat it anymore. I make exceptions at Christmas, Easter and on the odd special occasion. But yummmmm, this thread is making my mouth water - I'd better stop and look at a different one instead
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