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scratching behaviour...

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I know this has been discussed over and over again so I apologise that I am about to bring it up again but nothing I have read seems to relate enough to my situation.

Our boys have full run of the house at night. The only room they are not allowed in is our bedroom - we sleep with the bedroom door closed.

In the past week Cedar has started scratching at the door in the mornings. He has never done this before and I am unsure what has started it.
Apparently he starts at about 6am but I never hear him until about 7.30am.

We give them some food before bedtime so its not that he is hungry (well to be honest he probably is hungry but this cat could eat all day long!!)

I myself would be more than happy to just open up the door and let them into the bedroom but unfortunatly one of the rules in our house was that the cats were not to sleep with us its a small compromise I believe considering chris is not the cat person in this relationship. This scratching is driving Chris insane - and I mean insane!!

I know the usual advise is to feed them before bedtime but this as I mentioned I have already done.... what action can I take to let Cedar know that this is not good behaviour?

thankyou for any advise
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If you don't want them in the bedroom, then put your vaccum outside the door with the on switch on, and then run the plug under the door so that it is ready to plug in.

When the scratching starts, plug the machine in just for a second, then unplug. It works, the cats leave and go somewhere else to spend their time-
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Is there anywhere else they can be during the night? Can they be closed in the living room, basement, etc.?

I think the lengthening days are affecting my cat's sleeping. The birds are up earlier and so is she! Maybe that's why Cedar is trying to get you up earlier--he doesn't want you to miss out on the hunt!
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