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shavey butt

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i was mindin my own business when my owner came home early one day

the next thing i know i got shavey butt, i was not happy

my boo-boo most likely arose from an altercation of some sort (slap!)

because someone around here is a bit of a primadonna

but im healed up good and since i have my vest on i think ill go out on the town. well as soon as i can find a bowtie.

OR you could just scatch my tummy awhile im good either way
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Awww what cute pics! Hope your kitty is ok!
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Aww! Poor little thing! Is he okay??
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Originally Posted by triniphen

the next thing i know i got shavey butt, i was not happy

Here's a big tummy rub for you!
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yeah hes ok now, i found the abcess last week (eww!) and hauled his butt to the vet. it was already healing up but they gave him a shot and me some meds to apply which he just LOVED .
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cute pics
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Poor kitty, I'm glad he's ok.
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A friend of mine took a kitten of Mama's and Celina (the kitten's name) bit her kitty, Ed under his chin. It was all infected, too. Wonder why they get so made that they bite that hard?

BTW - cute pictures!
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