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Yet another new member

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Hello everybody!!
I just joined thecatsite a couple days ago. I work with debra myers and she told me I should check it out. I am 33 yrs old and I currently own 3 cats. This doesn't compare to some of the people here with over 10. If I had a bigger house I would love to take in more but at the moment 3 is my limit. All of them are shelter cats. We have had them fixed and current on all their shots so the costs do add up after a while. But it amazes me that each one of them can have such a unique personality. I have posted my sad dilemma on the S.O.S forum. One of my kitties is in the woods and won't return home. So I came here for advice. I have gotten some suggestions and I will keep you posted as to how things are going.
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K.C. welcome to you!!!!!!!!!! *HUGS*
I hope your kitty will come home, and I will say a prayer....please let us know. I am glad to have you here, we are all glad you have joined us! Thanks to Debra for referring you here!
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Hi KC :angel2:

I hope you find your kitty hon...I'm sure someone suggested to leave some articles of clothing with your scent and perhaps even his kittylitter box...he will smell that if he's around and gets a whiff of familiarity! So, I hope and pray he comes home to you

Love & Peace,
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See? I told you that a welcome party would be here for you! Let me add my blobs and stuff!
:tounge2: :tounge2: :blossom: :girlie: :girlie: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: Gotta love that chicken!!! :laughing: :angel2: :angel2:
But seriously. I am glad you are here!
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