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Need help quickly!

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There is a kitten who wondered into my yard and got caught under our deck, so after many hours of coaxing, and 4 broken boards, she came out, she is in the house, locked in a certain room, because she and Tinkerbelle will NOT get aloong.. is there anything I can do to make this process a little bit easier for them both?
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I'll move this to Caring for Strays & Ferals where the people who can help you will be sure to see it.
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Perhaps this article will help you out a bit

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She isn't a feral, she is a sweet little kitten, Tinkerbelle just doesn't like her.
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You want to keep the kitten separated from your cats until your vet has had a chance to check her out. Once she gets a clean bill of health from the vet, you'll need to go slowly with the introduction to your cats. Kittens are usually very friendly and outgoing, but your cats probably won't feel the same way! That's a common reaction, so be patient.

Keep the kitten separated in a room where she and the cats can sniff and maybe peek at each other under the door. After she's been vet-checked, take a towel or blanket that the kitten sleeps on and let your cats smell it. Do the same for the kitten with something that belongs to your cats. Make sure to continue to pay lots of attention to your two original cats and don't deviate from anything they are used to doing with you (ex. spending time playing with you, sitting on your lap, etc.). After a couple of weeks, you can install a baby gate in the doorway of the kitten's room. This way the cats can see, smell and to some extent, touch each other, but in a limited way. You'll want to monitor this because you don't want anyone trying to jump the gate. Give the cats treats when they're all at the gate. I'd remove the gate and close the door at night to still be on the safe side. After 10 days or so, (use your judgment depending on how the cats have been reacting to each other), you can take the gate down but be sure to monitor the cats' interaction.

Lots of members have been through this process, so after the kitten's been vet-checked, post again and you'll get plenty of advice! It's great that you have taken the kitten into your home - I'm so glad she has someone who cares about her!
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She might belong to someone, if you can, take her photo and show her around the neighborhood to see if you can find out her story

Here is another article that might help

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So I have wandered around the neighborhood with pictures of the cat now called "Zeha" and here is what I have found..

Zeha was a kitten born to an unwanted and abandoned litter, she was brought to the humane society, where she and her sister were adopted out to a family, the family is going through some trouble, and the wife and kids have moved to another state, leaving poor Zeha and her sister with a man who wasn't so animal friendly..so shortly after they left he put them outside to "fend" for themselves, as "outside" cats. Since Rhiannon(our previously found and cared for feral) left we have been trying to coax her back with food left out in the yard, which is undoubtly what brought Zeha to our deck that night. Her sister is still no where to be found, so our prayers are that she found someone to take her in.

After given full permission and ownership from Zeha's former owner, we took her to the vet, and she was given a clean bill of health, and as we are told, she is 4 months old. She is now adjusting to living here. Her and Tinkerbelle have their fights, but have been found sleeping together and playing together on multiple occasions, so I am pretty convinced they will be okay. She is still very frightened of my dogs, but she lets them approach her and sniff her, and hopefully will learn that not all dogs are bad. (any advice on that?)

We gave Zeha her name because "Zeh" (pronounced "zay-uh") means "Toe" in German, and Zeha is what is now called a "mitten" cat or a polydactyl and has 14 toes on her front paws, and 10 on her back paws.

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Awww sounds like she lucked out landing on your place- thanks for taking her in
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Zeha is a very lucky little kitten. What a good heart you have to give her a home!
It'll be so nice for Tinkerbelle to have a cat friend, too.

PS- Zeha is beautiful!
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Awww that just makes me so happy!!!! Ditto to what everyone else has said, you have such a warm hear to take her in! What a lucky girl she is!!!
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