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cat doors

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Did anyone make his/her own cat door (which lets cats in & out of the house) ? A friend who is the head of a shelter needs 160 of them (both for cats & dogs)!!

Do you know the cheapest way / materials to use ?
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Being a carpener, you could do this in different ways....you can do a very inexpensive way by cutting a hole in the door with a jig, then measure the hole, get some heavy (see through) plastic (1/16th of an inch thick)to make a flap then just screw it over the outside hole...put a magnet on the bottom of the door and the plastic to hold it down.

Also, you can make a plastic frame, (for both the inside and outside of the door...Place and screw the see through plastic flap behind the outside frame and screw it into the inside (of the door) frame. You can also put a magnet on the bottom of the plastic frame and the see thru plastic flap to hold it down.... Hope that helps

Love & Peace,
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I might suggest cutting the plastic into vertical strips about 2 inches wide and overlapping them. That will allow kitty to push thru them instead of under a largish flap. Warehouses,especially those with cold rooms use this method to separate rooms...works quite well too.
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Thank you guys. I will forward your suggestions to her.
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The problem with the vertical strips is that the environment blows in and out too. All the commercial cat-flap doors have the single piece. The commercial one I bought has a couple of magnets imbedded in the plastic so that it it stays closed. (The magnets make contact with the metal in the door frame)>
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