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Danielle is in the hospital

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Danielle is in the hospital. She need tests. She has a strange looking polyp in her ear, that is bluish in color, and needs to be biopsied. They have to do a complete scope of her ear, and she has to be sedated. They are also, at my request, taking X-rays of her head, chest and tummy.

I am devastated. This is the joy of owning a pet?????? She has suffered soooooo much.

What if she has cancer???

At the office they told me that often these polpys are benign. And maybe her itching are mites that have burrowed deep into her ear. That is what the scope is partly for.

I am terrified.

I call for the results tomorrow, and they will tell me if what she has is treatable or if she is okay.

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Oh, Val! How terrible for you and poor Danielle! I hope everything turns out okay. I'm pulling for you! Danielle is so lucky to have a wonderful Mom like you who will get her the medical care she needs. Hugs and Smiles across the miles from me and my Fur Family.
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I am so sorry that Danielle has developed another problem. She is a very tough little cat, hopefully the polyp in her ear is benign. Please let us know the results of the tests.
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Boy you sure haven't had it easy w/ your new furbaby have you??? I feel so bad for you. I'm sure whatever she has is treatable, and that she will recover just fine. Keep your chin up, and you are in all our thoughts.
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Thank you Melissa, Lorie, dtolle,....

I have no words right now. I just want it to be tomorrow so I can call the hospital.

Thanks again.
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I just wanted to let you know that I hope everything is alright with your little froofball I'm thinking of you guys and I'm praying that your little girl is going to be okay
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Ooooh that poor girl!! Rene just had that happen to one of her cats. Tweedle is a Curl who's ears don't curl. He had to have it removed but they couldn't get the whole thing. The lab results came back and it was not cancer. I hope this is her case as well. I still just sit and think that it was such a wonderful thing that she went home with you!!!
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Thank you Sandie and Christina...

My husband and I have been in tears all evening with worry.

I need my baby.

Sorry to vent.
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I hope everything turns out wonderfully for you and that very soon you'll have a happy healthy Danelle kitty curling around your feet again! My prayers are with you!
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Val. I know this whole medical situation with Danielle has not been easy for you, but I can't help but think how poor little Danielle was suffering before you and hubby became her family. I am praying that you get good news from the hospital. The illnesses sure are not the fun part of being a mom to a kitty. You are truly dedicated to her and I know she has a grateful heart for you and hubby!
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Barb and Debra, Thank you

I call the hospital today. I am praying that everything is okay and we can pick her up later today. It was sooo sad waking up this morning and there is no little baby here to greet me.

I will post the results after I call. I hope that her ears are fine,(If there are mites deep in the membrane, the Vet said that can be cured),that there are no malignant polyps, and her X-rays are normal. Rationally I know that is probably what is happening. But my rational goes out the window, and I am expecting all sorts of horrible things. OY!

Thank you everyone for your support. I know each and everyone of you understand what this is like.

I appologize for not reading many of the other postings on the forum yesterday and today. My brain just can't focus. I will catch up when I can, on the rest.
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Okay, I called for results.

They have only done lab tests and an EKG on her so far.
They turned out fine.

She is scheduled for surgery tomorrow morning,and they will also take the X-rays then too.

I am to call between 2:00 and 3:00 for the results.

The Doc said we will get her back home on either Tuesday or Wednesday., The biopsy will take at least 4 days, so we will have her back before we know the results.

I am a wreck. And Poor Danielle....she MUST think we have abandoned her!!!! I can't stand that thought of her terrified and alone.....She wants her safe home with mommy and daddy...

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Hang in there Val - can you visit her?
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Am sure there are many prayers going out besides mine that Danielle's surgery will go fine tomorrow. We'll all be anxious to hear that she is back in her loving home where she belongs.
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Hi and thank you guys....

A friend just told me that since Dani's lab results came back normal, that would mean that there is very little chance she has cancer. She told me that if Dani did, certain things in her blood would be elevated, and they look for that.

Does anyone have an opinion on that?

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Val - I think her white count would have been elevated if CA ws present.
I am so glad her tests are good so far......
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Thanks Debra...

For two days I have been a nonfunctional lump on the couch, with glazed over eyes from too much TV. I can't focus on anything else but my baby.....

OOH dear I don't handle this well...
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Val, that is absolutely correct. I don't know "cat" medicine at all, but in humans that would be right on the money. For example, if a person had a tumor or something that they have biopsied, obviously they would test the actual tumor, and they would also do blood work. For instance, if the tumor is cancerous you may show elevated white blood cells in your blood count, etc.
I would think it would be the same in all animals as well. So its a good sign!!
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Hey Val.*lump on the couch* is not a bad title to hold once in a while! You are worried about your baby and that is OK.
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**Lump on the Couch**
Sounds Delightful!!!!!!! One of my favorite things to do! Debra is sooooo right! I say enjoy it while you can, and besides, pretty soon Danielle will be home and you'll be very busy taking care of her and chasing her around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lump around all you wish!
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My new title

Val, the couch lump!

I like it, :LOL:

Thanks guys for your advice.
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I am happy to hear that everything is coming out positive so far! I can symathise with missing them. I had one of my babies in the hospital for 2 weeks not to long ago (long story). I missed her every day she was gone. They must have gotten sick of me calling to check in on her. I actually went to Rene's house to cuddle my cats sister, they are twins. It will be so nice when she is back home in your lap again!!
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Just spoke to the surgeon. He says Danielle's X-rays look "fantastic". He said her ear problem was a chronic, long term irritation, where polyps built deep in the ear up to the point where they were really, really bothering her. Those were all scraped out. The big blue polyp that was a concern mostly, we won't have the results for a few days,but he said he thought it was all right. In any case, if it does turn out ot be malignant, it has not spread to her head (as the X-rays showed)

We get to bring her home tomorrow night. She will be on an antibiotic (AGAIN!) And pain meds. Poor baby.....

But the prognosis is very good....WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you guys for your support.

:::doing the dance of joy::: yaaaaaaaaaay!!

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Congrats on the good news!! You must be a very happy Kitty Mommy! I hope all the remaining results are good ones. I'm sure Danielle will be so happy to be home!
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Melissa yes, she will be very happy to be home. Unfortunately, she will need pain meds, so I hope her discomfort isn't awful. She will also probably be wearing one of those collars , which, I know my furry daughter!! She will HATE it!

But at least she will be back home and I can nurse her.
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This is such good good news. I am happy for you all!
Poor little Danielle (and you) have been through so much getting her all healthy again......
Here are some kitty kises for her to come home to!:lips: :lips: :lips: :lips:
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So glad she is alright!!
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Vjoy; I hope Daniella stays well for a very long time.
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Sure hope Danielle came home as planned & that she is doing well. Hope she is not having much trouble with pain from the surgery.

Has she behaved any differently since her trauma? Am sure she is really glad to be out of there!

guess you've been too busy to post about her recovery but we are all interested.
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Mandy, yes, very busy, sorry....

Since we brought her home last night, we are also dealing with my father-in-laws crisis, he is in the hospital, nothing serious, he has a URI. He is 79 and fell last night, and had to be taken to the hospital. I hope he is okay. Actually this to me is a good thing, because we have been trying SOOOOO hard for him to get a checkup. This way he is forced to, so I think it will work out okay in the end. We are going to visit him in the hospital tonight.So between that and Danielle, I have been really busy since last night.

Dani was terrified . But once she was out of the cage at home, she started to warm up again, and I could tell she was ECSTATIC to be home!!

She is not on pain meds, (she doesn't seem to need them) but she is on Orbax pill for 7 days, and an ear drop (tresaderm) which has cortisone in it to help with the discomfort. The Doc also did not think she needed a collar, and he said if she is excessively scratching, we will get one.

She has been CLINGING to me and my husband since last night, but I think she will be fine.

I hope this is the last of the medical problems for quite some time..
Oh yeah, and her X-rays came out great.

Sooooooo my little adorable baby is home and safe and getting extra special cuddles.

We go back Saturday for a checkup/follow up visit to the Vet.

She is eating and drinking fine.

It is so good to have her back.

Thank you ALL for your support, I really appreciate it. I haven't had time to read and catch up on all the new postings, but I hope to in the next few days.

Thanks again.
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