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Radio question of the day: 03/04/05

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I love that date in the title!! LOL

Anyways, the question was:

If you could have a winter home, where would you want it to be?
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Good choice darkeyedgirl!

Right where I am - the Denver area. Maybe more in the mountains though. Winter is great here - it snows, but it doesn't stick around long. It usually melts before it gets dirty and ugly. And heck - it's almost 60* today!
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Connecticut... my fiance and I have our hearts set on living there one day. Don't ask us why, we've never even visisted!
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San Diego. I love the weather there!
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Mexico my best friend lives there
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Italy or the US. The two places we've seriously thought about.
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New York, New York. Central Park looks beautiful under a dusting of snow
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The Outer Banks
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Also, I agree, Susie, what a neat date today is!
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I don't think I would wanna be anywhere but here in Wellington!
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Costa Rica!
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have to be new york, its my dream to go there one day, hopefully someday i will
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Australia Nice and warm for me
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Anguilla (caribbean) but I'd miss the snow!
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Washington State, where I grew up or Alaska where my sister lives.
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