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I tried but can't do just one word

McKenzie: Suffocating (she has to be in your face) or a storyteller
George: Clingy or timid underneath that tough exterior
Middy: Mysterious / Impish
Mama: Seems sweet, but has a "stinker" streak
Meggie: Sweet

I guess I have a balanced family, huh>
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Mischka cautious
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Teufel is an attacker, He looks so sweet but he is so B***tchy
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Ahh, just one?? That's hard since so many come to mind with Sash. I'm gonna go with SPOILED with big capital letters for the moment!
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Freija - Inventive
Abbie - peacemaker
Tristan - gregarious
Lion - honourable
Bear - Sensitive

Geeze, it is difficult to chose just one!

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them put together=CATATUDE
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Since Dance, Shookie and Muffins yet to be named baby are still young I don't really know their charactors too well.
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Patsy - Loveable
Sweetie - Bossy
Blackie - shy
George - coward. He's the bravest chicken I've ever seen.
Princess - I can't pick just one for her. She's demanding, nosey, curious, talkative, LOUD, destructive, cuddly (only on her terms), protective, and bossy.
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Monte is funny......He is always making us laugh
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Pie: schitzophrenic (she's a calico)

Charlotte: regal/royal (wonderful and sweet also come to mind, but it's "regal" or "royal" that fits best

Esse: sweet

Penguin: overcautious

Simon: brilliant (I had to fight him for the phone again tonight....sigh...)

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One word to describe Chynna Pest.
She is either in the way or hitting us in the back of the legs or climbing usually with claws out on top of us. maybe should change it to demanding
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I like this thread!

Orei: Cuddly

Princess: Bossy.
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Cleo = Brat
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Belle: Alarm Clock (She wakes me up every morning! When she hears my alarm she runs and starts walking all over me and meowing in my ear)

Rosie: Vocal (She is such a whiner, always has something to say)

Ruby: Relaxed (Shes very layed back, just follows and does what the other kitties do)

All together they are just CRAZY but I love them to bits!
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Lets see..
Rocky~ Socializer because he talks to me anytime I talk to him, and if I happen to get up for just about anything, he starts meowing to me like he is asking me "watcha doing meowmie'?

Fluffy~ Baby..she is 2 years old and still as playful as a little baby kitten...she is pretty quiet but her meow is still like a little kitten too..
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Joji: shy

Skinny: comedian

QT: bossy

Wawa: obsessive
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Princess: Sweet
Pitufo: Goofy
Gordo: Bossy
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Inca is aka Stinka, My husband always blames him for any suspect odors but sometimes I have my doubts

Redford is aka Dredford, usually responsible for all poltergiest attacks, knocked over vases, magazines on the floor and torn up toilet paper and paper towels.

Cassidy is aka Princess, not the brightest cat in the world but definately the prettiest and most feminine in my eyes. My husband says she doesn't need brains she has the beauty.

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For Beau it would be MELLOW.

I often refer to him as "The King Of Mellow". He is like living with a little Buddha in the house. Nothing really gets to him much. He hisses at the dog, and sometimes swipes at him, but doesn't really seem to mind him really - it appears to be entertainment for him. He hates going to the vet, and is nervous and downcast while there, but once he is home again it is all forgotten. I can hold him upside down, dangling, with his hind legs supported by my arm, and he just hangs there. (Of course, I have done this with him all of his 15 years of life, and have never failed once to put him down the instant I get the vibe that he has had enough of it. I can tell, even before he moves a muscle, that he wants to go down, and I release him. So he trusts me.) I can trim his claws, give him a pill, do most anything with him and he just relaxes. Even when he has had to have a bath he only yells bloody murder, but has never even once in his life tried to scratch or bite me or anyone else, not even in the bath. Beau is my very best spiritual teacher of all time. He lives in the moment, trusts life, and goes with the flow.

how I love that cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Maverick is the Queen of Mean but i love her still.
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I am with you on bath time. Conner like wise, doesnt necessarily LIKE baths but he will sit there and just give me this pitiful look and this sad loud meow, but he will just sit there and let me manuver him in any position I need to to get him cleaned up. If you tell him to stay and walk away to the cabinet for a towel or something, he will just sit there staring at you all sad like, when he's all done with the tramatic death defying experience,lol, he likes to be held and reassured.
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