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One word for your cat......

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If you had to describe your cat in one word, and yes; I know this is hard because our kitties have so many different aspects to their personalities, but in just one word, How Would You Describe Your Cat???

A couple words came up when thinking of my Conner,,,but hands down,,,,,,,
Conner's word is.....................NEEDY

He meows me to death, sits on any part of my body that is accessible (even my feet if I am standing up!), and follows me everywhere because he knows that I listen to everything he says and will do as he bids. When I come home and he is following me around talking loudly and incessantly, I like to imaginge that he is telling me about his day and scolding me for being gone.

What is your kitty's word?????
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Ivo is definately needy, too. Her uncle Brian always laughs when I let her into the hallway to visit with him-she purrs, cries, rolls, flirts, rubs and does whatever she can to get him to pet her.
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Merlin - Strange
My mother just keeps saying "Your cat is so strange". And he is, he's really odd.

L.S. - Adorable
He's the perfect kitten, even though he's almost a year old. He sits there in the cute kity pose and has the cutest little meow. Heh

Hans - Grumpy
We even call him Mr. Grump. He's 14 and has been through a lot, and has arthritis, so he's allowed to not be nice all the time.

The New Kitty - He doesn't even have a name yet! But I guess I'd call him crazy. He's got a lot of energy, and just loves to climb on my shoulders and do laps around my head.
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For Grayce? Intelligent
For Pody? Sweet
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Annabelle - Crazy
Lucy - Obnoxious
Daisy - Talkative
Hazel - Scared
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Sam, needy too

Mica, unique
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My Sammy is Sunny;

In looks and in personality. Very sweet and snuggly, but independent too. He is just happy!
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K.C.: Reclusive (lover on the pillows at night... other than that... forget it)

Dusty: Huggable (hates other cats; gives hugs to us bipeds)

Snickers: Sweeeeeeet! (most "interested in the humans" cat I've ever known)

Zorro: Bumbling (like The Bumble from Rudolph... big, sweet & would be safer if he didn't bite)

Hammie: CURIOUS (has to investigate everything & everyone thoroughly)

Miss Jessie: Aloof (hides just about all the time, is weird when she finally does come out)

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Limerick = Playful... I must play with him for at least 30 mins when I get home. It doesn't matter if I jst took the garbage out or been at class all day, it has to be done or he cries and meows so I can't get any work done anyway. It's really cute, annoying at times but cute!!
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Originally Posted by darkeyedgirl
K.C.: Reclusive (lover on the pillows at night... other than that... forget it)
That's Baylee! Only at night is she sweet and cuddly.. and she doesn't sleep with me every night anymore.

Max would also be needy... he's definitely a lap cat (he moved my book when I was reading to sit there this afternoon) and wants love and attention and that's it.
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Samantha: Moody

Smudge: chaotic

Little Miss: bubbly
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Suzy: recluse

Fawn: nutcase

Cindy: cuddler
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Ebony - Curious

She loves to inspect anything and anyone new and unusual
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Eponine: SCHIZOPHRENIC!!!!!!!!
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Gandalf Snuggly

Samwise Squirelly
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Originally Posted by GrayKittenLove
Gandalf Snuggly

Samwise Squirelly
Gandalf: Beautiful
Samwise: Beautiful
Traci, I think your little gray guys are so beautiful! I always enjoy seeing your signature pic
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Sophie: Very Loving
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Sweet Sierra!
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Sasha: Gentle

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Ghibli: Talkative
Molly: Moody
Paige: Sweet
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Rusty= lover
YumYum= purrmonster
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Darius= capricious.
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Angel: needy. His nickname is Meowers. His meow is louder than my alarm clock sometimes. When I get home from work he tells me that I can never leave again.
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One word is SO hard...
Oliver - social
Tripod - lovable
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Waffle is chatty
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Koa - special

Milo - carefree
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socks- attitude
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