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Back from Spain

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Hi All!!

I just got back from a great week in Spain (I have a new Temp job and they sent me to SPAIN for a week for a conference - all expenses paid!!) Anyhoo, just thought I would share some pictures from my trip...I hope you enjoy. The ones of the cats are from a feral/stray colony I found by the beach...about 15 of them. I felt so bad for them I bought a huge sack of food for them and fed them...

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Welcome back from Spain (or should I say BIENVENIDO!) and thank you for sharing those great pics (especially the kitties) with us You are so lucky that your company sent you to Spain! It's such a gorgeous country! Where in Spain did you go? Ready to go back already?
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Wow!!! Beautiful pictures. It looks like you had a great time.

I think I would have to name that Tuxedo kitty either Marilyn or Cindy (obviously only if it were a girl), thanks to its beauty mark.
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Wow Spain-I wish I could be a temp and have me sent to Spain!!
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aww i bet you wanted to take them home with you!
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Wow great pictures! They have such colorful houses over there - I love it! How was your stay? Did you like it? Did you have much free time to go off on your own?
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I love the kits, they are gorgious,,too bad you couldnt pack em up and keep them all!!LOL, I love the black and white one's mole!!
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Yeah! Bienvenido de España, Espero hayas pasado buen tiempo!
(Can you learn some words in spanish???? )
Thank you for share your pics, love the kits on the way!!!
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Wow Sarah! Did you ever imagine yourself in SPAIN??? Good for you. The kitties are beautiful!!
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Welcome back Sarah!

Wow Spain is really beautiful and those cats are gorgeous!
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Welcome back Sarah!! Thanks for sharing those gorgeous pictures. Those are some beautiful kitties you found too. It looks like you had a great time.
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Sarah - first of all Wow! what a temp job to find!!! Lucky you.

Where did they send you - I came across a feral cat colony living on a harbour wall near Marbella in Puerto Banus. There were more than 15 cats there though - lots of cats and kittens. A lady came by each morning in a pick up truck and brought loads of food for them. But some looked in pretty ragged condition and there didn't appear to be much evidence of a neutering programme.

If I can dig my photos out I'll post some.
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Do the feral cats eat birds or fish from the ocean?
Your pictures are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
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Welcome back Sarah, the pictures are beautiful and the kitties are adorable. Thank you for feeding them.
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welcome back from spain brilliant pics
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Glad you like the pics, everyone! I did have a good rained A LOT, but hey, I was in Spain and it was not nearly as cold as it has been in the UK lately. (At least where I am!)
We were in Southern Spain near Puerto de Sherry. Yes...that is where they make the alcoholic beverage by the same name ...too bad I am not a drinker!
As far as the cats, I could tell the locals fed them, as each morning there was scraps left out. They were so sweet, but many were pretty beat up, and there were quite a few young ones, and at least 3 pregnant females that I could see. *sigh* So sad. I was happy that I was able to at least give them a little something while I was there. I just wish they didn't have to live like that...
I am sooo happy to be back here with you all! I am a working woman now but my new position affords me a lot of time on the computer when things are slow, so I should be around a lot more in the future!
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Glad you had such a great time, Sarah! Thank you for your wonderful pictures! How great of you to feed these sweet babies, bet you just wanted to bring every one of them home with you!
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Great pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Those kitties are so sweet looking too. I love the beauty mark that one cute!
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Niiice job you have! Great pictures too! Welcome back Sarah!
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your photos are great It looked like the weather was a bit cold though. The cats look healthy so some one must be keeping an eye on them.
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great pics thanks for sharing and welcome back home!
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I loved your pictures. It looks so beautiful there. Did you have a good time there. The pics of the kittys were so cute. Welcome back
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