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Herbal remedies and aggression?

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Hi, I have a question about which herbal remedies to use to calm an aggressive kitty. Our Jakub, nov 7 months,neutred few months ago, got back to his evil self. His aggression is not triggered by petting him too much, or playing, or not playing, or fear, he does this for no reason. He was checked by vet to see if there is a health problem causing all this, but he is as healthy as a cat can be. Example pf his favourite move: I would be doing something, for example getting a drink, and he would jump on my back scratching my head, then he would start attacking my leg. The whole family is starting to be afraid of him, his claws and teeth can cause serious harm.
Do you use herbal remedies to calm an aggressive cat? Which one, what are the doses? Do you have other advice that could help us?
Thank you so much for helping us we are getting pretty desperate
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You could try a website:


They specialize in herbal remedies for all sorts of maladies.

If you can afford it, you might wish to contact an animal behavior specialist in your location, and have them do a consultation.
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a few drops of rescue remedey in Mavericks water has calmed her down on more than one occassion.
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What you have is a kitty who likes to ambush you. He looks at you as if you are a littermate and littermates are fair game to a kitten. You are his prey. When he strikes you need to immediately drop to a kneeling position which will take him off balance. Once you remove him walk out of the room and leave him alone.

You can also take a lightweight toy on the end of a line, and attach a clip to one end. Clip the line to your back belt loop and drag the toy with you as you walk about the house. He sees movement he will attack, but he will attack the toy. Once he has the toy, take a treat out of your pocket and drop it next to him. When he goes to eat the treat, reel the toy up quickly and leave the room- you are redirecting his ambushes with something that he should be attacking, a smaller prey

Also play with him interactively without your toes, arms or fingers getting in the way- laser lights, toys on the end of a string "da bird" or another interactive toy will stimulate his prey drive and take it to the appropriate level. Again at the end of playtime, reward with a tasty treat Plain Brown Tabby Toys and Treats has good treats for kitties - and only use the treats during these times and no other-
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Thank you hissy and everybody else. Yeah, that's what we think too, that I' m one of his littermates, I will try everything you mentioned, the only thing that doesn't work with him is laser, poor guy he is so afraid of them, I have never seen him so scared He would make the weirdest noises.. uff
Thanks again
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Ufff, so far no progress. The toy on a string attached to the belt -> he sees the toy, looks at it for like 5 seconds and then jumps on me . We never use hand to play with him, don't want to confuse him with once it is ok to play with my hand and then on other occasion it is not... He is the cutest thing but sometimes I think he is just too smar, he knows I am the reason why the toys move so why attack the innocent toy, he would rather get me All it takes is patience I guess...
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Few months later and no change. The only thing that stops Jakub from bitting me is if I hold a tube of open toothpaste : ) he really hates the smell. The only thing that calmed him down a bit is few drops of the herbal remedy in his wet food. Is it normal that he will always have me as his littermate? We are thinking of getting another cat (kitten) since we always had two of them. Will this help him, or would he just attack and hate the kitten?
thanks for advice
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