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I've got 7 new foster-kitties coming in this weekend

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We are pulling these cats from death-row at a shelter in Southern Illinois. they will all be coming to my house.

I only have two fosters at the moment and one is going up to the "adopt-a-pet" center in PetSmart on Saturday before the newbies arrive. The other one is a 10 year old named Sissy who will probably end up staying with me forever. She loves all other cats, so I'm sure she'll be fine with the newcomers.

I can't wait to meet my new foster cats......

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Oh you lucky thing! and bless your huge heart for saving them

Can't wait to see the pictures of them
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Oh Karen that's wonderful! Get your camera ready girl!! How I envy you being able to do this!!
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I envy you too!! I would love to be able and have the resources to foster bunches of sweet babies!!! You lucky thing!! Good luck with them!!!
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You are doing such a wonderful thing, rescuing these sweet babies! Too bad you're not near GA- I'm in the market for a new kitty!
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wow that is great! Let us know how it goes
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Thanks guys.....I always get really excited when I get more kitties in.

My husband and I put a window in our kitty room, so now they have natural light and a HUGE window ledge to lay on. Here are some pictures of the room before I finished painting and got the window in.

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aww thos epics are beautiful!
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Karen you don`t have the Idea how I envy you!!! woaw, thank you for you fantastic labour!!! you have all my respect! keep that way girl!
Thank you so much for the pics!!!!
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Awwww ....thanks.

I couldn't do it without my husband (who built the whole thing) and my two friends who spend alot of their free time cleaning and socializing while I'm at's a group effort.

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Not only is it wonderful that you rescue cats, but you give them a virtual kitty heaven to spend their happy days in That is awesome! (Eponine's jealous of the kitty tower!)
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Eventually I'm going to wrap that tower's pole in sisal, so they have another place to scratch.

The room improves by the day. I'll have to get more pictures with the's really cool.

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You have a heart of gold! Your husband does too! Kudos to the both of you for saving those kitties!
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How are the new Foster-Kitties doing?
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Oh boy, let me tell ya........

4 of the seven are absolute maniacs (in a very good way). They are just so active, and loving and curious and CRAZY.....they are all around 8 mos. old. There is an orange and white male who gives the most violent head butts....I swear he's gonna give me a black eye one of these days. And every day I come home to check on them and they have spilled almost all of their food and all of their water. Then I put down new fresh water and the little orange guy goes over and sticks his paws in it and splashes much for clean water.

There are two girls, one long haired orange girl and one actually looks alot like DeeDee. The orange girl is a little scared until I start to pet her and then she rolls onto her back for more love. The calico stays up high on a perch and just watches the happenings.....I can pet her for a bit, but she's still a little nervous.

Then there is one siamese mix who is really afraid still. He's been in a cage for OVER a YEAR!!! He's been hiding in a carrier for the last two days (which isn't terribly uncommon). He'll let me reach in and pet him, but he won't come out. It takes time for some of them; I have had fosters who have hidden for a month, but they always eventually come out, so I'm not too worried. I just be sure to push in some food and water everyday, so he doesn't miss out.

Also, my dogs also have a home-made kennel on the other side of the garage. So, when I let the dogs into the garage before I leave for work, the four maniacs run up to the front of their enclosure to see the dogs......they are not the least bit afraid.

I don't think we'll have any problem finding these cats good homes, they are all just awesome!!!

If I had a digital camera, I'd post pictures, but I lost mine.....I'll see if I can get a disposable in the next few days and post pictures.

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The one foster I moved up to Petsmart before the 7 new ones came in got adopted within an hour of being at the store.

And the other one who is now sharing her space with the 7 new ones (Sissy), loves all of her new friends and was cuddled up with one of them within 2 hours of their arrival. She's a mom (or grandma) to all kitties.

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OH Karen, sounds like your having a blast!! I envy you! Hope we can see some pics!!
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Karen, what an angel you are. Really, truly.
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I'd love to be there right now!. All those kittens, brilliant!!
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How wonderful, Karen!Sounds as if you've really got your hands full, what fun!Bless you for saving these precious babies!
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Sounds like it's going really well Over a year in a cage that poor thing. Sissy sounds just sweet, taking on the mothering of all the newcomers
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I fostered for the first time starting last summer (had 8 in all over the summer/fall). Now it's been long enough that I've sort of "forgotten" how much work it was, and i have empty nest syndrome! I envy you your fosters, but kitten season will soon be upon us, so I'm sure my nest will get filled!
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Wow fostering sounds like a lot of fun, but I don't think I'd make a good foster mum- I'll get waaayy too attached to them! That's why I ended up with 12 cats!
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Any new updates on the gang of seven? Did that one poor kitty ever come out of the cage yet?
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Wow you are an amazing person. Love the kitty room. Gives me ideas for my house.

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Here are the fantastic 7 foster kitties!!!

Tuffy is first, he is my fav and is a total maniac.....very fun guy. Can't you just see the mischief in his eyes.

These are the twins, Charlie Brown and Linus. Linus needs to learn not to use his claws and Charlie is a lover boy....both young and fun. These pictures came from the shelter, not my pictures.

This is Lucy. She's a snot, is not fond of the other cats, but can be very lovey with people. Will need to be a 1 cat home.

This is Snoopy. he is also a real lover boy, but is very kittenish and crazy at times. What a perfect pose, huh?

This is buttercup. She is by far the most loving cat that I've ever known. I can hold her on her back like a baby and she'll lie there for hours. If I'm not petting enough, she'll touch her furry little paw to my face to ask for more love. She is AWESOME and anyone would be extremly lucky to have her. This pictures doesn't show nearly how beautiful she is in person.

And last, but not least, this is Challenger (yeah, we've got to find a new name). He was VERY afraid at first, but has really come out of his shell and is quite an affectionate young man. He is a siamese mix with ticked gray fur and ice blue eyes.

Aren't they sweet?

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Thanks for sharing pics! Lovely!
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Thanks for posting the pictures What beautiful Cats! I'm glad Challenger is out of his cage
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I think you are WONDERFUL for saving these babies!
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