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How's everyone doing on weight loss

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Well I started in earnst on March 1st. Lost 3 pounds so far!!!
Walked/ran on treadmill last 3 nights. Taking tonite off. Eating very healthy, lots of fruit/veggies, water. No beer wine
junk food or sweets (I'm don't have many sweets anyway). I will allow myself a beer every 5# and pizza every 8#. Also a small present every 10# (like shoes!!) My husband lost 3 1/2 #-he's doing a modified Atkins. As I don't really enjoy eating lots of meat-that wouldn't work for me. Aiming for 25# so the clothes I have I can wear again and buy new stuff. I have bought a new pair of blue jeans in years!!!

So how is everyone else doing. Perhaps a weekly update so we can help everyone reach their goal?????????????
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There is a weight loss thread somewhere?!, hopefully someone can find it for us because i havent a clue how to put the links on?!?

Thats brilliant!!

I'm doing Weight Watchers and i've lost 31 1/2lb so i'm getting my figure back eventually I never count my wine in on a weekend because i always seem to lose weight still no problem, but if i have any of those alcopops i gain!
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Way to go you guys!!!!! Keep up the good work!
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That is great that people on this site are taking their health seriously. Way to go on your weight loss guys Keep up the great work. I'll be glad to provide any motivation that anyone may need to keep this up!
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I've started walking a mile on my lunch hour and eating right on Feb 1 and so far I've lost 15 one says it's easy, but for my health, it is worth it! Good for all of you!!
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i want to start
But i havent got a clue how to!
I need to lose 10 kgs! lol
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Originally Posted by GailC
So how is everyone else doing.
I am not doing good at all compared to last year I just can't get motivated this time around
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Originally Posted by fwan
i want to start
But i havent got a clue how to!
I need to lose 10 kgs! lol

All it comes down to is:

Cut calories/burn more calories.

However you can do that healthily is a perfect plan.
I actually just did a continuing education workshop called the Metabolic Connection to Obesity (something we have to do frequently to stay group exercise certified), and honestly, what I said above is the only sure fire way to make it happen.
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i used to be very overweight untill i moved to germany and kind of fell down in depression, i was scared of nearly evreything and my heart would beat like an idiot everyday.
I only ate twice a day which was barely nothing, and i mainly slept
This is how i lost all the calories.

I would love to buy a trendmill, but its like over 1,000 here and its too cold for me to go for walks lol
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Its hard when we live in a cold weather climate-the weather isn't the best for doings lots of outdoors stuff yet!!!

For Fwan-start keeping a journal of all the food you eat and also how you feel when you are eating them. Use measing cups for exact portion measurements-you may think you know what a half cup or cup looks like-but actually measure it. You'll really be surprised!
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okay ills tart my journal here.. lol!

breakfast, left over potato salad

Just now a mug of cornflakes. and two bananas
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I'm trying to lose weight too, I started with weightwatchers seven weeks ago and have lost 7.5 lbs. I want to lose another 20 or so to take me back to where I was before I had my children.

I'm going to a gym, doing exercise videos at home when I can't get there and last week I walked 25 miles in three days taking my children to and from school when we couldn't get the car out in the snow! I seem to be losing about a pound a week, not as fast as i would like, obviously, but at least I'm not hungry.
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And they class a 1lb a week a healthy weight loss as well jan, thats 2 packs of butter you've lost for every 1lb as they say in class
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Good luck everyone! And congrats to those who have lost weight or well on their way to loosing weight!
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I had been gaining weight all of last year. By December I was up 15 pounds to 175. Once I had my tonsils out I dropped the 15 pounds in 10 days. (That's what not eating and doing nothing but sleeping does. It was horrible.)

So I figured that since I had a jump-start, I had better keep it going! I changed my diet - I don't eat junk food anymore and I don't eat out anymore. I haven't gotten below 160 pounds, but I haven't gained anything back and I can fit into all my clothes again!

I'm waiting until I finish paying off Hans' surgery, then I think I'm going to join Curves so I can get some exercise. I can't run or walk becuase I have a bad knee, and I can't afford home equipment, so I think it's a good idea.
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I too changed my diet around right around mid - January. I had lost about 15lbs in Spring of 2004 and then slowly gained 5 back. So I decided to re-join a gym, work with a personal trainer and start eating right again.

Food wise enjoy doing the South Beach diet. It just works well for me. Although this time around I have not been losing the weight I want and I am starting to get frustrated and discouraged.

I guess I shoudn't beat myself up TOO much though. I don't have a lot of weight to lose and I am getting my butt into a gym 4-5 times a week. Hopefully the weight will come off eventually.
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I celebrated my 2 year anniversary being firmly on my way of eating plan on 2/25, and had my lowest average of those two years 2 weeks ago (I'm a one step back two steps forward slow loser). I've lost about 73 lbs., and am working back up to at least 3 treadmill sessions a week (got off track around the holidays).

My comittment to losing all the weight I need to lose, remains firm.
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My problems started just a few yrs ago when I had foot surgery. Never pick December to do this- I was off any form of excercise for almost 2 month, the holidays, eating the same amount of food and wham!! there came the weight. I never caved however and bought larger pants/skirts (just elastic waist ones) so this is the time-especially when I found out I weigh more than Oprah!!
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