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Vet Disaster

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Ok I am sobbing uncontrollably and I am having difficulty writting or typing this through the tears .........I just now got back from the vet . When we went back to the roommand put the kitten on the stainless steel table we were there only a moment . The nurs came in as she always does to ask a few questions and writting down stuff. When i told her I thought it was an impacted bowel and held the kitten up and told her to feel its belly she gasped and said I want to take him for a sec to run this by the doctor ...I believe it was then that I knew something was terribly wrong . When she came back with the kitten the look on her face was enough for me and I said "its not good is it ?" she said it didnt look great and thats all she could say .....I knew absolutly then that the kitten was going to be put to sleep and sure enough when the doc came in he said yes it shouldnt have lived this long . Here is what he said . The reason the kitten was covered in its own feces is because it had a congenital birth defect . It had no anus . The term is called mega colon . It had no muscles in its colon to push the feces out and it had no anus to keep it in basically its rectum was on the outside. He said the mother usually kills any kittens with defects he didnt understand how the kitten had made it as long as it did . He said no surgery nothing would have done anything and he said the best thing would to put it out of its misery and have it euthinized . I looked at the kitten in its pretty blue eyes stroked his chin and all the way home I cried and am still crying and I can safely tell you I will be crying later . I was soo happy when I found out about my new baby comming to me , I have been waiting for 2 weeks for him and now I have to let him go I made a web recording of the kitty and thats all I have it wasnt nearly enough .
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No words can help you right now, but it was the best thing for the kitten who was in a lot of pain. Now the kitten has scampered over the bridge and playing in the grass along with all of my loved ones as well as all the others.

There was nothing you could do but let him go. In time, your heart will heal though right now it feels like it won't.
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Lona, I'm so very sorry this happened to the poor kitten and to you. My heart goes out to you. Keep in mind that you gave this sweet kitten lots of love in his few days of life and that he is out of pain where he is now. Give yourself a big hug for me.
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Lona - I too am so very sorry about your kitten and the anguish of having to have him put to sleep. It is never easy and such a hard decision to make. I hope that you will take comfort in the fact that you helped this little fur angel to die with dignity. I am thinking of you and little one is now at the Bridge with all the other angels and is in no pain.
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I am so sorry for your loss. But under the circumstances, you definitely did the right thing. And remember, he was not alone.

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What a terrible thing to have to experience!

I have never heard of such a conditon, it must have been awful for the kitten, and the sweet little thing is at peace and pain free now

I feel for you, losing a baby is always so hard.
(give Diablo extra cuddles today!)
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I want to express my deepest sympathy to you Lona. There is nothing I or anyone can say to make it better, but be comfortable in the knowledge that you did the right thing. At least he was loved by you for that short time before he died, and that is a very precious thing.
At least he won't be suffering now, and like others have said he has gone with dignity, with you by his side.
I hope that sometime you can find it in your heart to give another little kitten a special home.
Diablo is very lucky to have you.
Take good care, and best wishes. Keep us updated!

An angel for baby boy

Christine xx
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Oh Lona, I am SO, SO, SO sorry to hear of this. My heart is breaking for you. But you did all you could, and that little kitten knows that. He doesn't hold any blame to you. He is happy now, and in a better place, and you are an angel for helping him, and showing him love. I know it is hard, but just know you did your best, it was totally out of your control. If you need to talk, I am here....just PM or e-mail me.
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Dearest Lona :angel2:

My heart is breaking for you angel...please know that we are here for you and if you need to talk to any of us...pm or email...we all understand.

Love & Peace,
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What a heartbreaking experience!! I am so very sorry for the loss of your new kitten!! The kitten is pain free now, and in a very wonderful and beautiful place, playing with all the other kitty angels.

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Dear Lona,

I am so sorry for what you are going through, and what that little kitten had to go through. But you did the right thing, and gave him LOVE , which I know he felt, and STILL knows.

My heart is with you and kitty

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