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Vibes for Conner...

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Hey guys,
Sorry I havent visited in quite a while, so I do not know whats going on. Any ways, Conner has a vet appointment tomorrow. When he got nuetered in January he was given meds for a Upper Respiratory Infection. I gave him all the meds and he is still wheezing, sniffling, sneezy. coughy, and really congested. I called the vet last week and told her about it and asked if I could come pick up some antibiotics, she acted really worried and said that no, I would need to bring him in, because there was no reason that he shouldnt have responded to the meds. She says she no longer thinks it is a URI, but quite possibly, Feline Lukemia. I was shocked and told her I thought she was jumping to conlcusions, and she explained to me that it was a real possibility. I do not know a whole lot about this disease except I dont want my baby to have it! I TOLD the vet that when I got him as a kitten I have the papers that say either him, or a member of his litter has tested negative for feline Luk. This didnt phase her, she insisted it could really be an option. I never ever worried about this since I have those papers,,,I thought if one litter mate was tested, all of them were fine??? Anyways, He has a vet visit tomorrow. I was just curious if any of you know much about this and think that it could be a possibility, because I just dont. He is still playful, and a monster, and purrs non stop,,,so,, I just dont know. Sorry for bugging you guys....
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oh no!
to be honest i dont know much about it either except they arent going to have a long life
*sending you mega vibes and prayers* that conner doesnt have it and that he will recover very quickly
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Oh no Stevie! I hope Conner will be OK and that this is nothing more than a prolongued cold or something to that effect... Sending you and your sweet baby some good vibes!
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Stevie, here's hoping and praying for it to be nothing more than a URI! OTOP, please, if it does turn out to be FeLv, don't panic, ok? Come back here to us and we can get you lots of info on it, trust me! Unlike even five years ago, FeLv is not an immediate "put the cat down 'cause its going to die anyway" death threat, especially in a single cat household. Oh, and in case you're wondering, I'm not just blowing steam, my Tigs was diagnosed with it in July of last year, so trust me, I know how you're feeling right now! [{{{HUGS}}}}
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Thank you guys for your support, especially Cindy, I am sorry about Tigs, but it is a little comforting to know that your kitkat is ok and living with it. I really hope that he doesnt have it, and if he does,, we can work with it. I have a feeling that if he does, it is going to be very expensive, and I will have to get another job, YUCK!! But he is worth it,, my sweet baby.
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Good luck... sending vibes to both of you!
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Stevie... I'm so sorry sweetie... I'm sending you and Connor all the {{{{{VIBES}}}}} I can... let me know as soon as you hear anything! I'll PM you with my email address so you can tell me... He'll be fine hunny... and
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Originally Posted by Sanctie
Thank you guys for your support, especially Cindy, I am sorry about Tigs, but it is a little comforting to know that your kitkat is ok and living with it. I really hope that he doesnt have it, and if he does,, we can work with it. I have a feeling that if he does, it is going to be very expensive, and I will have to get another job, YUCK!! But he is worth it,, my sweet baby.
My advice, re:the expense? If you can, just put a small amout back every week, as you can, sort of a "sick kitty" fund, if you will. If it is FeLv, he won't be sick all the time, but when he's sick, you'll need to be on top of it, get him to the vet ASAP and be sure that the vet treats whatever he has agressively. What FeLv does is weaken their immune system, kinda like AIDS patients and chemo patients, so that their bodies don't respond like they should to throw it off, so they need stronger antibiotics. I haven't had Tigs back to the vet since August of last year, (knock on wood) and that was because I had him neutered then.

Please let us know how things turn out, ok?
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I'm with Cindy -IF it's FeLV, it doesn't have to be a death sentence.

Good luck Stevie and Conner!!! Sending lots of positive thoughts your way!
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Thankyou guys so much, Liza, Ari, Cindy, KTLyn,,and all of you. Cindy, the whole immune system thing is why they think he has it. But your sick kitty fund is a great idea. You are all so kind, I am keeping my fingers crossed. I will find my way to this site tomorrow somehow to let you all know how the vet visit went. Again,,Thankyou!!!!
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Please update us the minute you get in the door from the Vet. I think your Vet is wrong. It has been known to happen (Trust me on this one!!!).

Also IF Connor does indeed have felv... like the others said do not panic (I know, easier said than done). He can still live a good life. There are plenty of meds and ways to help him along.

We had a cat named Tabby when I was a teen, he contracted felv when it first was discovered; it was too late for him -- but still -- even after diagnosis, Tabby lived another 3 or so years, and lived FULL! He was an outdoor/indoor cat and after that, mom only had indoor cats.

I think your vet is wrong, I hope your vet is wrong. I'll send my vibes your way darlin, everyone here has been of extreme help to me this week and it DOES work. Please update us...

Re: the expense... it's like having kids... stuff happens, bills pop up, all sorts of things go wrong with furbabies just like human kids. But it's worth it to prolong their lives (kids & kitties). I panicked this week, too, when I dropped Snickers off. I get to pick him up tommorow and pay a whopping bill that will be in the range of $2,000. The way I see it, it's worth it. I get the love.

You do too... keep up hoping and we'll be here for ya!
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Sending lots of positive thoughts your way!
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Stevie any news yet? I am so very interested in what's going on, having had my beloved Freddie for only 5 months.....and if it is FeLV I will be here for you every step of the way. I promise.
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Here's hoping for good news..
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Thankyou guys soooo much. My baby's appointment isnt until 10:30 tomorrow morning (Sat.) I will leave there immediately to update this thread and let you guys know whatever the vet says. BTW-Will I get the results back immediately?? Just a thought, I really cant bear to wait any longer than what is absolutely necessary. You are all so very wonderful and appreciate you deeply, even if I dont get to spend much time on TCS, you all are very dear to me. I hope and pray that tomorrow (or whenever I get the results) I am able to type that it is just a real nasty cold or Upper Resp. Infection, and we will all be able to laugh off the vet's overdramatizing things,,I hope. Either way, whether I get the results back immediately or not, I will visit TCS and let you all know what the vet's thoughts are.
You know, it really goes to show how much I DONT KNOW about FeLV. I thought that if it was that, he would be exhibiting more discomfort or pain. Other than (what I thought) the symptoms of a really nasty cold, he is still so mischievious, lively, needy, and sweet.
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FeLV is an ambiguous thing....because it's assault is on the red blood cell complex that makes up the core of a cat's immunity system, even our Freddie was lively all the time in the beginning. It's marked by high fevers for no apparent reason and a lot of infections that never seems to heal. But do take some peace in that just last month a TCS member had the same siutation and it was just a nasty URI, not leukemia. We had a beautiful kitten, so his immune system never had time to even develop properly to create any sort of barrier to the disease. Most cats of 2+ fare much better and can live normal, full lives, although each situation is different. Your vet should do a Snap Test on Sat which will deliver the tests within 8 hrs, or if he really feels strongly, a full CBC (complete blood count or blood panel) where they'll scan for all sorts of things. The Snap is much less costly, start small if possible. Because it's a Saturday and I'm unsure how large your clinic is, you might have to wait until Monday. Big Hugs to you my dear.
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Is no news good news?
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sending Conner (and you) some vibes. any news? :heart
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Sending lots of good vibes to Conner.
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hugs and belly rubs to Conner from Mischka & Linx
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Any news? How is your sweet baby? Here's hoping everything is fine.
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Oh guys I am sooo sorry. My internet at home, as most of you know, is off. I thought I could use the university computer labs to come and relay the news once I left the vet, all of labs were closed for the weekend,, I thought there was one that stayed open, maybe it was closed for some other reason. But either way I am sorry I couldnt update you guys. HE IS NEGATIVE!!!!!!!! they do not know what it is he has, but it's atleast not Feline Lukemia!!!! I almost cried when they told me, it's like I had been holding my breath. They said he is a very sick kitty though. He has a very high fever, extremely swollen glands, one ear is discharging, he is congested, coughing, sneezing, wheezing, and has trouble breathing when he is asleep. So, they thought it was just a real nasty URI, but there are other possibilities. They told me it might be FIV, but they want to try a really strong antibiotic for 12 days before they test him for that. My poor baby. On saturday and Sunday he stopped playing and had just such a high fever, he was burning up. And getting through the nights over the weekend was horrible. I almost rushed him to the emergency vet cuz I thought he was going to die he was having so much trouble breathing. But today is the third day of him taking the meds, and although he still has that horrible high fever, he is running and playing like the mischevious little monster he is!!! So I think they are working!! Yeah!! I thank all of you so much for your vibes and well wishes, support and concern. I needed it. I really hope my baby continues to get better. I hate the night times when he is sick like this, I dont get any sleep. I hope tonight is better. I will keep you posted as to his progress. Here's to hoping it's not FIV. I know even less about that disease than I do about FeV. Sheesh, If it's not one thing it's gotta be somethin' else. Cant we get a break?! LOL. Alright,, you see my attempt at humor?? I think I shall make it..haha. We will get through this, and Thank God it's not FeV!!!!!!!!!!
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That is good - one nasty thing ticked off. I am glad he is feeling better and playing - maybe it will all turn out all right before you know it. Anyway, here's hoping.
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I'm glad to hear he doesn't have FeLV, and hope this is just a nasty URTI that will clear up. I hope he's feeling better soon.
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Oh, Stevie, I'm so happy he is negative! I'm just so sorry Conner isn't feeling well, I know it just breaks your heart. We'll plan on this antibiotic kicking whatever it is that is making him sick! Please feel better soon, Conner!
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That's wonderful news about negative for FeLV. You are so lucky, great! Now, just knock out all the others.....fingers are still crossed for you!
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